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5 Inherent Skills That Make Women Perfect Facility Managers

A woman tends to be naturally expert at skills such as problem solving, networking, and at handling different tasks simultaneously, and effortlessly. The fact that women are better than men at being emotionally intelligent is what makes them uniquely qualified for facilities management.

Women have always been born managers as they keep doing all their in-home tasks without even compromising on their out-home jobs. And the age of technology has only come as a boon to them. It has enabled them to take on all these in-home and out-home jobs simultaneously and by virtually being omnipresent at both places all the time.


In companies, both big and small, women are now acquiring higher positions and leading them successfully in attaining more heights. Their soft skills are proving them to be better than their male counterparts in managing different departments and even the most complex affairs. Facility management software is helping them in being more efficient than ever in handling all the problems that arise in the facilities management.

Listed below are 5 skills that women possess generally better than men, and their utility in facility management:

  1. Networking Expert:
  2. Women are great networking professionals. They know it inherently how to create and expand their network. Employees also turn to women bosses with more assurance that their issues will be addressed. Unlike men, women stick together and protect one another. The connections they effortlessly make can be of great use to them as well as to the company.

    Utility in facility management: Making connections is like establishing a chain of potential problem solvers for you. Every workplace faces many issues related to space & infrastructure management, and people & organization management. A facility manager with these connections will not let you wait for the problem to be resolved. Networking skills help in making every task smooth, though tasks like supervising the staffs, and dealing with the complaints from management, vendors, and the inspectors will benefit the most from these skills.

  3. Relationship Specialist:
  4. Women do not require to learn how to make relationships. It comes naturally to them. Cultivating genuine, meaningful, and purposeful relationships is what they specialize in. They never quit on making healthy and long-lasting relationships. They thrive at creating and sustaining momentum for both themselves and others. This helps them in having a deep understanding of the limits and abilities of their colleagues and staffs.

    Utility in FM: Relationship expert facility managers will be very effective at managing your company’s property leasing and rental agreements. The tasks may include tracking the terms of the agreements, monitor lease lock-in periods and rent-free periods, managing landlord contacts and dealing with them on payments, etc. Needless to mention the importance of relationship building for accomplishing these tasks optimally.

  5. Problem Solver:
  6. Men and women differ in their problem solving skills. Men are less communicative and tries to dominate the problem solving process to use it as a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, while women focuses more on the process of solving a problem. During the process, women often rely on taking help of those close to them, discussing their situation in detail, and forming a team to address the issues collectively.

    Utility in FM: Any facility manager is now able to organize their task right on their palm through online facility management software. These software have made a facility manager’s job easy, but you shouldn’t forget that computers can only organize your tasks and not physically do it. For that, you’ll need manpower and teamwork plays the best role here. Women facility managers tend to discuss the issues and problems in detail with their staffs and want them to get involved in the whole process. This teamwork makes the job easier for everyone.

  7. Opportunity Expert:
  8. Men usually loathe women for their opportunity grabbing skills. However, seeing opportunity in everyone and everything, and giving life to their own ideas and inspiring others to do the same is what makes women more practical and precise with their objectives and goals. Also, they don’t get their egos in the way and thus never get distracted.

    Utility in FM: In facility management, the leader has to work with a wide range of data. An expert facility manager tries to find the opportunities for the company by assimilating them and looking for patterns, linkages, and relationships for having a clear path to future. Facility management software are a huge help here with their wide range of functioning with data.

  9. Emotionally Intelligent:
  10. Being emotionally intelligent at workplace is about being able to take critical feedback, refraining from blame games, giving relevant opinions that are valuable to the company or the entire team, and keep encouraging oneself and people around you for achieving a better working environment. Many researches conducted around the world prove that a woman’s brain is wired in a way that makes them more emotionally intelligent and aware.

    Utility in FM: Facility managers communicate with each and every level of an organization such as their management team, workforce, third-party vendors, and the maintenance crew. An emotionally intelligent person with effective self management skills as well as strong social skills balance these communications and make the most out of it. Woman facility managers are found to be more apt with these skills, and great at handling and delegating tasks.

      IT enabled facility management software are helping facility managers in administering the overall functioning of the company seamlessly and like never before. They provide with highly efficient modules that let the managers better plan, allocate, and monitor their tasks. And women facility managers, who are innately experts at these skills are taking great advantage of the facility management software modules to better manage each and every facility related affairs of the company.

3 Revolutionary Small Business Trends in America: 2016

The trend of small business in America started in the 17th century, when most of the colonists used to be small farmers. Competition was very low, most of the work was done manually, and there was lack of ambition among the entrepreneurs. The definition of small business has dramatically changed since then.


According to the statistics given out by Forbes in 2013, there are over 28 million small businesses in the US and the number has only been increasing since then. Below are the top three trends that’ll promisingly take these numbers to the new heights.

  1. Jobs Act Title III
  2. One of the greatest challenges small businesses face is fund raising. Title III of Jobs Act, has created a federal exemption under the securities law so that the smaller companies can make use of internet to raise capital money. “For the first time, ordinary Americans will be able to go online and invest in entrepreneurs that they believe in,” President Barack Obama had said when he signed the bill three years ago.

  3. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  4. In the era of conventional advertising, it was tough for the local businesses to determine if their ads are reaching the right audience. Pay per click marketing has emerged as a magic stick for these businesses. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. PPC makes it possible for the businesses to display their ads only when the chances of conversions are high. It has made advertising simple, effective and affordable for startups.

  5. Cloud Based Facility Management
  6. The biggest hurdle in the expansion of small firms is management of infrastructure and space. Emergence of cloud based facility management software brought a sigh of relief to the small business owners in the US. It allows the organizations to automate the entire process so that they can focus on their core business activities. Artificial intelligence also eliminates the chances of careless mistakes and saves a lot of time.
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All You Need to Know About Facility Management Software

Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.” – IFMA (International Facility Management Association) Facility management software enables management executive to simplify the business with a variety of services including:
  • Security Services
  • Property Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Catering Services
  • Support Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Administrative Services
Explore more info about cloud based facility management software functional areas and their responsibilities from below:
QuickFms-Facility Management from Facilitymgmt

Healthcare Facility Management: Explore the Benefits

Why do healthcare service providers need Facility Management? It is more than a necessity for healthcare facilities to ensure that all service requests are responded swiftly without compromising their quality. At the same time, they have to ensure that all medical facilities, property resources, technical equipment for instance elevators or power supply, sterilization machines, and even human resources are well-optimized for maintaining smooth and uninterrupted operations round-the-clock.

Healthcare Facility Management

The healthcare facilities also must comply with security, hygiene standards and fire code regulations to ensure complete safety and comfort of patients. Also, the maintenance operations should be scheduled very carefully so that they don’t interrupt the day-to-day operations.

This is where, healthcare facilities need an effective facility management solution, which can best address all their facility management needs. Having a facility manager for all such needs is not an ultimate solution, though. With a facility manager, there is always a probability of mismanagement and delay in day-to-day operations, which can defame the healthcare service provider.

Healthcare Facility Management Software A Healthcare Facility Management Software is an innovative facility management solution, which helps healthcare service providers to effectively manage their day-to-day operations without compromising the quality standards. It helps healthcare facilities to optimize all physical resources and automate management functions, which are crucial for smooth, streamlined and uninterrupted operations round-the-clock.

Let’s explore the benefits of implementing one such software for healthcare facility management needs!

Availability and Reliability The asset management and maintenance modules added in a Healthcare Facility Management Software helps in keeping all medical equipment and machines at optimum condition. The maintenance scheduling features help in increasing the life and reliability of medical machines and other assets.

Proper Utilization of Resources A Healthcare Facility Management Software ensures that healthcare facilities are utilizing their buildings and other property resources in the most suitable way. A few advanced facility management software features Space Optimization module, which helps healthcare facilities to efficiently utilize the unused space in the building.

Safety and Security A Healthcare Facility Management Software helps in ensuring complete safety and security through machine maintenance and asset tracking features. All the important equipment and facilities are monitored through the software. And their availability allows the healthcare care service provider to stay prepared for any emergency.

Work Order Management Eliminate confusions and overlapping with scheduling, dispatching and tracking work orders.

Mobility Cloud-based Healthcare Facility Management Software applications can be accessed from any corner of the sphere with any computer, smartphone or tablet, connected to the network. A cloud-based Facility Management Software application is hosted on multiple servers in various geographical locations.

Accuracy Maintain a 100% accurate database and maintain the complete list of all assets, with zero possibility of error.

Inventory Management Advanced inventory management features that allow healthcare facilities to track the availability and know the location of medical equipment and other supplies.

Track Maintenance Costs Healthcare Facility Management Software applications allow the healthcare facilities to track the total expenditure on maintenance works.

Low cost of ownership You don’t need to buy any additional hardware device or a software license for using a Healthcare Facility Management Software. Cloud-based Facility Management Software applications are generally available in various subscription packages, which differ in terms of usability and features. Also, their maintenance costs are zero.

Looking for an advanced Facility Management Software? QuickFMS is an innovative cloud-based Facility Management Software, which is being widely used by many healthcare facilities across the globe. This software solution has been added with various advanced modules, which helps healthcare service providers in managing their infrastructure resources, scheduling maintenance operations and ensuring uninterrupted day-to-day operations.