Business Card Management

QuickFMS: Business Card Management module is ideal for the admin team to manage business card requests coming from employees at any time. A simple user interface allows the user to fill in the required details and submit to the admin team for further processing.

Managing business card requests from different employees, acknowledging their requests, necessary approvals from immediate reporting managers, assigning it to the vendor and issuing business cards is made simpler with QuickFMS Business Card Management module.

Business card management chart 3

Features and Capabilities:

  • Raise business card requests for your preferred department/LOB wise.
  • Email intimation to all the participants
  • User can modify and cancel his request
  • Admin can approve/reject user request
  • Admin/Department/LOB Head will approve/reject the requests and assign the request to the vendor
  • Employee/Requestor can acknowledge the request once they receive the business cards
  • Requests can be tracked till closure
Business card management Chart 4

QuickFMS: Business Card Management module is very simple to use, automation improves your overall business card requests handling and issuance thereby saving valuable time of your resources.