Energy Management


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With QuickFMS: Energy Management module, you can track the actual versus budget energy consumption across various expense heads and utilities including water, solar, compressed air, natural gas, electricity and so on across your organization.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Take charge of your energy business costs
  • Get control over utility billing data to assess your future business needs
  • Break down your consumption into meaningful figures and plan effective campaigns to cut costs
  • Identify behaviour changes to improve bottom line profitability
  • Allows you to effectively manage your organization’s energy consumption
  • Allows you to see an exact breakdown of when and where your energy is being consumed across different facilities
  • Record your energy usage under different expense heads — electricity, solar, gas, water, oil, etc.
  • Utility bill auditing and reports help you to see where you might be able to save
  • Provide expiration reminders
  • Maintain a historical usage information across the locations for auditing purpose
Energy Management Module - Utility Report

Energy Management Module - Utility Report 2

Want to keep a track of energy consumption more effectively across the organization? Get control over the energy costs by our Energy Management module.