Property Management

Property, Lease & Tenant Management Software

Giving you the keys to co-ordinate your properties.

Our online property management software provides turnkey solutions for managing your property leasing and rental agreements efficiently. Suitable for any organizations that own, manage or occupy multiple properties, QuickFMS allows you to:

Property Mangement - QuickFMS

  • Track the terms of a lease agreement
  • Chart lease expiration dates with automated email triggers, and renew or surrender leases
  • Calculate rental charges and monitor rental escalation
  • Monitor lease lock-in periods and rent-free periods
  • Manage rental receipts and security deposits
  • Upload and store insurance and property documentation
  • Manage landlord contact and account details for payments
  • View tenant contact information
  • Set reminders for rent collection
  • Access buyer and seller information, and status of buildings

The QuickFMS Property Management module offers the opportunity to centrally track, store and maintain information and documentation for buildings, properties, tenants, and leases. As such, it’s a truly valuable tool for real estate owners, MNCs, property management firms, the hospitality industry, the Government and military and educational campuses.

Ready to have a wealth of property information at your fingertips? Try the demo of QuickFMS to map out the landscape of your building assets.