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A Few of Our Clients

Here are a few companies that are experiencing greater productivity and collaboration with QuickFMS.

We're on your team

QuickFMS is the cloud-based facilities management software that allows you to effectively organize, structure and run all elements of your business and infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance, all in one place. Think of us as a highly motivated addition to your team, a helping hand behind the scenes to guide you towards achieving a sleeker operation and all-round results, whether you're an SME or an MNC..

Pro-active features that will streamline your strategy

Using QuickFMS can make a significant impact on the way you manage your facilities, staff and working practices, and give you greater control over physical assets and maintenance processes. We're here to support you through implementing actionable changes to your enterprise, with some of the very real benefits that QuickFMS can bring to your business:

Why QuickFMS?

For your big ideas
The robust, scalable and global solution.

Productivity gains
Increase efficiency of
employees to impact
the top and bottom line.

User Friendly UI
Data collection made easy,
no prior training necessary.

An engaged workforce
Help employees to do
their best for your company.

Domain experience
Supported by a team of FM
domain experts with two
decades of experience.

We become part
of your team

Our dedicated remote
resources track and
ensure seamless implementation.

Easy Setup
You'll be up and running
in under 48 hours,
while continuing
operations as normal.

Safe & Secure Data Storage
99.99% uptime on the #1 managed

Understand the landscape
One stop shop for all your Facilities and Administration automationn.

ROIGet quicker ROI of min 4%, which is equal to 25% increase in your sales.

Product Modules We Offer

We offer the following product modules, which you can implement individually or as a full suite, targeting specific areas of working so that you can concentrate on your core business activities:

Property, Lease & Tenant Management

Track payables, receivables and leases for owned and rented properties


Space Management

Manage space utilization in each location and increase occupancy ratios

Physical Asset Management

Track all fixed, consumable and IT assets, from PO to disposal

Maintenance Management

Give your buildings and equipment the attention they deserve

Help Desk Management

Improve services and satisfaction rates by ticketing tasks and complaints

Reservation & Resource Management

Fill seats with online room reservations and resource booking

Contract Management

Gain control over your contracts across the departments

Guest House Management

Manage reservations/bookings of guest houses/apartments with ease

Business Card Management

Streamline your process and manage your business cards effortlessly

Energy Management

Track and optimize energy consumption across the organization


Hot Desk Management

Optimize your office space and increase the efficiency of your employees

Call Center Workforce Management

An ideal solution to make an effective workforce plan

Branch Performance Tracking

Visitless branch performance daily tracking

QuickFMS - Product Box

Evaluate the true potential of your business with real improvements you can see working.

With over a decade of experience in facilities management software, QuickFMS has been designed with the smooth running of your organization in mind. By automating your facility and business management process, you'll not only save time and costs, but improve productivity and staff engagement. By incorporating QuickFMS into your working routine, you'll see your business in a new light, and experience a significant and immediate ROI for your actions.

QuickFMS is easy to use, and it's quick and hassle-free to get started. In fact, you'll be up and running in as little as 48 hours, with minimal training time and the highest available level of customization.

See the positive difference QuickFMS could make to your profits, schedule and operational success by testing our demo software for yourself.

The Cloud-based solution to propel your business forward

The Cloud-based facilities management software from QuickFMS allows you to manage your facility from anywhere, at any time. You'll enjoy complete infrastructure control to enhance the security and efficiency of your organization by reducing risks, lowering costs and streamlining processes.

With QuickFMS facilities management software you'll be able to:

  • Assign roles and admin privileges to different users
  • Access customized analytics with dynamic reporting capabilities and export option
  • Use the dashboard to find information across multiple layers, locations, departments and hierarchies
  • Allocate spaces and assets to staff members and departments
  • Manage all aspects of owning, leasing or renting property
  • View digital floor plans, book meeting rooms or hire out space
  • Maintain equipment, buildings and physical assets
  • Handle complaints and service requests

All of this is easily achievable with a low setup time and minimal training, ensuring you're up and running as quickly as possible to see the maximum return on your investment.

The Best Facilities Management Software in a Row

Our Cloud-based Facilities Management Software has a proven track record of enhancing workplace efficiency while cutting down on operating costs and admin time, resulting in greater ROI. With several accolades won over the years, we have empowered facility managers across the globe with our long-term, end-to-end, best-in-class workplace management solutions.

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