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Who we are?

QuickFMS is an emerging player disrupting Global Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) & Integrated WorkForce Management (IWFM) markets. We are a leading provider of Cloud-based Facility Management Software, providing a range of different product modules to manage all aspects of your organization. We help you enhance your productivity and efficiency in order to reduce costs and save admin time, resulting in a greater return on investment.

QuickFMS offers a Long Term, Strategic, End-to-end solution for Facilities and Admin teams to help them better utilize infrastructure, thereby adding to the bottom-line of the company. We also help them improve efficiency of their own team as well as the efficiency of all employees in their organization while they interact to use and maintain the infrastructure on a daily basis. 

We empower facility managers by providing the tools needed to make a better working environment, increase results and reduce operating costs. We are committed to developing a smart technology and workplace management system that will help govern the valuable assets of your organization and unlock the potential of your company.

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Our road map

  • Worldwide presence with sales partners in 50 Countries
  • Well-structured product road map with latest technology
  • A release every 3 months including customer feedback
  • Periodic live updates to existing clients on a weekly basis
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What we do

We provide a complete solution to manage different aspects of your organization. Each of the product modules is designed to meet the specific needs of different departments in your organization.

QuickFMS product modules

Inject help where your business needs it most.

QuickFMS provides a completely customized solution designed to manage different aspects of your organization, with each of the product modules targeting the specific needs of different departments within your business. To find the right solution to your daily challenges, we offer the following product modules:

Property Management- Our Property Manager module helps in managing your property efficiently. Manage every aspect of real estate, staying in control of rentals, leasing and property assets.

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Space Management- Our Space Management module is designed to improve the management of space allocation. Automate space utilization to achieve optimal occupancy and preserve resources.

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Asset Management- Our Asset Manager module helps in properly managing and tracking the tangible assets within your office locations. Follow the complete life cycle of assets in order to increase their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

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Maintenance Manager- Our Maintenance Manager module helps you to sustain assets, equipment and space within your organization by scheduling maintenance tasks, delegating jobs and managing contracts.

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Help Desk- Our Help Desk module tracks customer complaints, staff requests and on-site problems, and helps to resolve them quickly. Put the software in place to identify and settle any issues and increase customer satisfaction.

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Reservation and Scheduling Manager-Our Reservation and Scheduling Manager helps in scheduling and managing your office space efficiently, ensuring facility spaces perform to their optimal levels.

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Why choose us

We empower facility managers by providing a smart facility and asset management software. We aim to provide solutions that help in making a better workspace, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

We are committed in providing a smart technology and workplace management system that will help in managing valuable assets of your organization. We help you unleash your organization’s potential!