5 Business Values That Small Enterprises Derive From SaaS


By Amit Prasad on November 8, 2016

Small and medium enterprises need to improve and grow constantly so that they can compete with evolving business conditions. Business leaders are always under pressure to improve their financial and operational outcomes with limited resources-staff, time, money, and technology. This forces them to explore new ways, technologies, and facility management systems so they can adapt quickly to the ever-changing business world.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has helped these business leaders remain flexible and adjust quickly to the rapidly changing business environment. QuickFMS is cloud-based facility management software that helps business leaders organize and control the infrastructure of their business for efficiency and improved performance. Facility management systems allow business leaders to concentrate on other core business activities for continual growth.

5 Reasons SaaS is becoming increasingly popular within the small business industry:

1. Offers Time to Value Through Quick Deployment

SaaS applications offer quick implementation saving you valuable time that you can utilize for other business activities. SaaS solutions can be implemented within a few weeks whereas traditional on-premise software can sometimes take 6-12 months for implementation. SaaS based facility management systems is adapted to your business needs within weeks and results in a quicker ROI.

2. Affordable

SaaS solutions are usually paid on a monthly or per-transaction basis. Therefore, businesses don’t need a huge budget to purchase SaaS as compared to traditional on-premise software that requires large capital expenditure. They can make good use of their limited capital by investing in other core business areas for the growth of their business.

3. Provides Continuous Upgrades and Innovation

Businesses using SaaS solutions get frequent software upgrades without paying an annual maintenance fee. Any new update is instantly available to all the users and they do not have to worry about any disruption the upgrades will cause. SaaS vendors have to make sure that the upgrades are available in a non-disruptive manner.

4. Easy Customization and Integration

Business users don’t require any programming expertise to modify SaaS solutions. They can easily customize SaaS applications through simple drag and drop operations and easy-to-use interfaces. SaaS applications can be integrated with other on-premise systems with the help of flexible web-based technology and frameworks.

5. Requires Less Technical Resources

Small businesses using SaaS applications no longer need large in-house IT teams or other technical resources to maintain and upgrade the software as SaaS providers are responsible for the maintenance of the software. Businesses can access advanced cutting-edge technologies through SaaS providers. They can use their capital and resources for other business initiatives.

SaaS applications enable small and medium enterprises to manage growth and achieve success in the competitive business world.

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