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7 Benefits of IWMS for Corporate Real Estate


By Amit Prasad on January 18, 2016

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is a software solution that helps in real estate management and facility management. It helps organizations and businesses to optimize the workplace resources and manage real estate portfolio. It provides solutions that help in managing every aspect of real estate, right from running a corporate real estate portfolio to achievement of sustainable objectives.

IWMS is a software platform that includes 5 key components – real estate management, facilities management, project management, environment and maintenance management. IWMS is important for organizations looking for high quality and reliable management information to reduce real estate costs and to increase productivity and efficiency.

Here are the 7 Benefits of Integrated Workplace Management System:

  1. Helps in Business Decisions
    It is important to make quick and right decision in today’s business world. Instead of relying on Excel spreadsheets, facility managers can use IWMS which provides real-time and accurate information and helps them make better and informed decisions.
  2. Provides Transparency
    It would cause great risk to the business compliance and continuity if you are not aware of your portfolio, its size and value, lease contracts and planned maintenance. IWMS creates a structured and standardized data repository, which provides transparency in all the processes and lets you make more informed business decisions.
  3. Increases Efficiency
    Though office spaces, workplaces, facilities and meeting rooms seem to be fully utilized, you only utilize 50 to 60% of them. IWMS helps in analyzing and measuring the utilization of the resources, eliminates facilities and spaces that under-perform, thus ensures effective use of resources and improves efficiency.
  4. Reduces Costs
    Decisions about renewing leases, constructing a new building and decreasing or increasing property inventory involve cost. IWMS helps in reducing cost directly or indirectly. There is 10-15% reduction in space cost due to effective space management, 5-8% reduction in lease costs due to efficient lease management and 5-8% reduction due to process improvement.
  5. Ensures Compliance
    There is a great need for compliance and reporting in areas like maintenance, health and safety, security and lease accounting. You need a strong and structured documentation in case of any audit. IWMS helps in ensuring compliance in case of any legal issue.
  6. Provides Fast and Accurate Reports
    IWMS helps in centralizing all the data into one place and as it’s in real time, it provides up-to-date and accurate information quickly. It also allows creating specific reports based on future forecasts and historical trends that are crucial for company’s needs.
  7. Streamlines all the processes
    IWMS makes the job easier by streamlining all the processes for facility management, asset management, space management. It communicates information throughout the organization which helps in making real estate decisions. It also helps in strategic planning and reporting by making it more accurate.