How Facility Management Software Benefits Everyone at Your Workplace


By Amit Prasad on April 22, 2020

Facility management software offers a number of impressive benefits and helps businesses streamline their operations like never before. Read on to learn how a cloud-based facility management software can help everyone at your workplace.

What is Facility Management Software?

Facility management software enables organizations to manage their assets, space, equipment, and occupant efficiently and effectively. Most software applications offer a web-based dashboard to manage and schedule the maintenance of an organization’s facilities and assets. As a result, facility managers from nearly every business are now achieving successful business outcomes using facility management software.

Benefits of Facility Management Software

  • Mobility and Collaboration

    Cloud-based facility management software can help you manage your business activities from remote locations. You can effectively communicate and collaborate with your team or even control your business when you are out of your office. Be it a computer, tablet, smartphone, with a connection to the internet; you can access the resources and assets through cloud-based facility management software.

  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency

    Inefficient equipment and processes can significantly impact business hours and productivity. Facility management software brings overall efficiency by saving time, reducing costs, and adding more value through proper maintenance and usages of the assets. When the employees are able to control their working ambiance through various facility management tools, they can devote more time to the welfare of the organization they work in.

  • Space Optimization

    Space optimization is the key to improved productivity and an engaging workplace. Facility management software has space optimization tools that help you making the most out of your office space. With the help of a space management feature, you can recognize the actual space in your organization and the space it needs. This can help you effectively plan your office space utilization from the dashboard of your software.

  • Easily Customizable

    Facility management software can be easily customized according to your business requirements. You can choose the specific features that are required by different departments of your company. Our facility management software offers you the option to configure and customize your dashboard for data visualization and automated report scheduling. With all the information in your hand, you can create a report instantly, and analyze them critically.

  • Asset Tracking and Management

    Facility management software allows you to efficiently track and manage your business assets and provides real-time data for proper analysis. For example, you know the location of your asset in real-time. The asset tracking feature of your facility management software will allow you to retain crucial asset information like a warranty of your product, maintenance history, and insight into equipment performance. You can also use this data to manage and make a better business investment.

Who Uses Facility Management Software?

The most effective tool for organizing and analyzing data is facility management software. Apart from facility managers, the people who frequently use facility management tools for various purposes, include:

  • Executive Team

    Facility management software offers your executives real-time visibility into how your company uses its space, asset, and technology. Access to real-time information helps your executives stay up to date and make data-driven decisions about both short-term and long-term business objectives such as when to invest in new real estate and office equipment like computers, xerox machines, and air conditioners, etc.

  • Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Leaders

    With facility management software, corporate real estate leaders can get on-demand access to locations, size, and type of property being leased. They can get important accurate data such as total capacity by building and by floor, total capacity vs. total occupancy, and price per square foot, etc. This data helps them forecast future space needs and identify opportunities to reduce real estate cost considerably.

  • Operations and Facility Management Team

    Like CRE leaders, operations and facility management teams can use the various integrated tools of the facility management software to better understand how employees occupy and utilize the workplace and allocate the space. They can also plan hassle-free move management and asset tracking through this software.

  • Workplace Experience Manager

    A workplace experience manager is responsible for overall employee experience and the factors that influence it, including physical workplace, technology, and policies that impact the company culture. WX manager gains valuable data about how employees navigate the office, find colleagues, engage with one another, and reserve assets through facility management software. He/she can use this data to further optimize workplace experience.

  • IT Manager

    Facility management software is a great tool for IT managers. They can aggregate workplace utilization and performance data into the analytics dashboard to identify trends and detect patterns, such as which room is always occupied and which one is often vacant. For example, an IT manager might discover that a conference hall is underutilized because the WIFI signal in that area of the office is weak or the video conference equipment is unreliable.

  • Employees

    The best facility management software integrates with mobile-based apps, which allows the entire workforce of an organization to enjoy the benefits. For example, they can submit service requests, report maintenance issue, find a vacant parking spot, reserve workstations, and meeting spaces.

How to Choose the Best Facility Management Software?

To find the best facility management software, choose for software that is robust in functionality, easy for anyone to use, easily integrate with your existing tools, and should support mobile and cloud-based functionalities.

Why You Should Choose QuickFMS Facility Management Software

QuickFMS is a cloud-based facility management software that has all the elements to help you organize, structure, and run your business and infrastructure at maximum efficiency and performance. QuickFMS offers several product modules like property management module, space management, asset management, maintenance management, help desk management, contract management, and energy management modules in one place. All this can help you achieve sleeker operation and all-round results for your SME or MNC.


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