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10 Exciting Ideas to Host an Office Christmas Party


By Amit Prasad on December 11, 2016

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is busy planning a fun-filled Christmas party. With only a few days left for the Christmas party, the preparations are in the full swing. But wait, are you still looking for unique office Christmas party ideas?

Check out these 10 ideas, which will forth your office Christmas party to the next level of excitement.

  • Sparkling Decoration:

    Pay great attention to the decorations! Christmas tree, ornaments, candles, Christmas LED lights, wreaths, garlands, tree toppers and other decorative items should be bright, attractive, colorful and well-placed.

  • Delicious Food:

    Food has to be delicious, perfectly cooked and baked, so that all your employees remember the office Christmas party for long.Take some time-out and arrange the best Christmas meal.

  • Fun-filled Activities:

    Fun activities are a great way to add charm to your Christmas celebrations. Organize amazing, fun-filled Christmas activities and games, which your office employees and staffs can enjoy.

  • The Perfect Wine:

    The celebrations will remain colorless without Christmas wine. Arrange the best wine for your office employees, who love to drink. Meanwhile don’t forget to arrange mocktails for all those who don’t like alcohol.

  • Music:

    Don’t forget to arrange the choicest tracks for the Christmas party. Needless to say, Christmas Carols will be amongst the most loved songs during the party.

  • The Christmas Cake:

    The festivities are incomplete without a Christmas cake! Look for a famous bakery shop, and give an order in-advance to avoid any rush at the last moment. Make sure the cake you order is sufficient for everyone present at the party.

  • Christmas Gifts:

    Buy Christmas gifts for all your business employees and staff members to make them feel special. Spend some time in the market, and you can easily get attractive Christmas gifts for every budget.

  • Christmas Movies:

    Set up a projector, put some comfy chairs or beanbags around and arrange some movie snacks like popcorn and enjoy some beautiful and heartwarming films on Christmas-The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life to Bad Santa.

  • Craftstravaganzaa:

    Gather your employees and make some Christmas crafts together. Make wreaths, holiday cards, wrap gifts and decorate your workstations together-while enjoying your holiday treats and drinks.

  • Santa’s Workshop:

    Set your work station to look like Santa’s workshop- a place for Santa visits with piles of gifts on a sleigh. Organize some team-building activities at different workstations. Ask someone to wear a Santa dress. Everyone will enjoy taking pictures with Santa.

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