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5 Benefits of Using Office Hoteling Software


By Amit Prasad on March 24, 2021

Office hoteling is emerging as a multifaceted strategy during the current pandemic. With the reduction of active cases, offices have begun to operate, though they are yet to work with their full capacity. Along with following the safety protocols of cleaning, social distancing, and contact tracing, office hoteling has also become the need of the hour for organizations wanting to create a safe yet productive work environment. Office hoteling can help to build a safer workspace post-pandemic in three ways.

How Is Office Hoteling Helping Businesses in the Current Crisis

Firstly, instead of having a huge crowd of people working simultaneously in your workplace, office hoteling can help to stagger the shifts, reduce floor occupancy, and help an organization implement shift timings or shift days as per their requirement.

Secondly, office hoteling can simplify the process of cleaning and marking the seats and spaces that have been sanitized and safe for use. Thirdly, it can be repurposed for contact tracing and investigating the possible path of infections if a COVID-19 case is detected. That’s because office hoteling enables workplace managers to have records to pinpoint where a person sat or was working and which other workers were also sitting in the vicinity. This can ensure the safety and health of all the workers involved in the office.

Read more to find out how hoteling in the workplace is one of the most practical strategies to sustain workspace productivity while simultaneously giving your employees the flexibility to work remotely as well as in your physical office.

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Here are the main benefits of adopting office hoteling technology in your workplace:

  • Gives Your Employees Their Preferred Hybrid Workplace Environment

    Most of the employees working from home today may also need to go to their physical offices from time to time. Office hoteling is one way to support remote working and office attendance to make the most of your talent pool. Having this technology in place lets your telecommuting employees benefit from face-to-face interactions with their colleagues and the management.

  • Provides Equitable Access to Office Resources

    Hoteling in the workplace gives you greater control over office space utilization. You can use it to allocate work areas and equipment to staff that needs it when they need it. Instead of having one or a few employees occupy spaces that they’re not using, you can monitor usage and prioritize staff involved in more urgent tasks or handling bigger workloads.

  • Boosts Collaboration in the Workplace

    Office hoteling is an effective way to build a collaboration-friendly work environment. Instead of allocating resources based on rank, each employee gets just what they need to make the most of their office time. In turn, this helps to create a culture of inter-dependence and cooperation among your staff.

  • Increases Space Optimization (physical distance)

    Hoteling in the office enables you to make the most of limited physical work areas. Similarly, no single workstation “belongs” to a specific employee. It ensures that you allocate spaces to work-at-home employees only when they’re working from your physical office. Consequently, hoteling minimizes or eliminates wastage of your workplace’s overall square footage.

  • Minimizes Your Operational Costs 

    The smaller your square footage is, the lower the regular costs of maintaining your work areas. For example, when you have 10 or so employees optimally sharing five desks or rooms, you can save on commercial rental space fees. Energy and utility bills can also appreciably come down as a result of adopting hoteling technology in the workplace.

If you need an office hoteling solution, look no further than QuickFMS. Our hot desking software gives you greater control over your physical workspaces and enables your employees to maximize productivity. It has a user-friendly interface and includes real-time data insights into office space utilization, which can help with both short-term and long-term space optimization. The safer they feel, the better the productivity.

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