6 Great Benefits of Using Seat Booking Software


By Amit Prasad on June 25, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, as everyone was asked to work from home, many organizations have found work from home as a possibility and are planning to cut on office space. However, they need to manage their office space to ensure that there is a place available for every employee who is required to come to the office. This is where seat booking software comes in. It will help manage the office space effectively.

What is a Seat Booking Software?

The ever-changing workplace dynamics supported by cloud-based computing and technology have given rise to flexible and remote working. However, this comes as a challenge for businesses to efficiently manage and use their office space, which sometimes remains unused or runs out of space, creating a chaotic situation.

Seat booking software is an advanced mechanism that enables and empowers your workforce to easily find and reserve a seat that meets their needs and get more out of your work facility. Advanced seat selection software is powered by smart tools and data to effectively implement and manage seat booking. It also helps you create a user-friendly workplace experience.

Here are 6 great benefits of using seat booking software:

  1. Eliminates Conflicts

    Cloud-based seat booking software will automatically detect and prevent your workforce from booking seats and rooms that are already booked. With their advanced tracking tools, there will be no conflicts and double booking situations, which hamper workforce productivity.

  2. Enables Agile Booking

    With advanced seat reservation software, give your employees a simplified process of finding and reserving a seat from a web-based interface that can be accessed through a computer, laptop, or a dedicated mobile application on your smartphone.

  3. Minimized Admin and Management Costs

    Intelligent and well-designed seat selection software will remove the need for a dedicated human resource who organizes schedules or bookings manually. This will help your business organization to reduce admin and management costs.

  4. Better Organization and Coordination

    Seat selection software will eliminate human errors like double-booking and prevent no-shows through an automated communication process that will send reminder messages and notifications. It also allows quick and easy customizations through an advanced tool.

  5. Enables Data-Driven Design

    Seat booking software provides you with comprehensive usage reports so that you can make better planning decisions for your business facility or workspace. You can also monitor the usage of your workspace and the insight data to drive continuous improvement.

  6. Cost-Saving and Environment Benefits

    Seat selection software can help you reap financial and environmental savings as well. You can significantly reduce external or internal paper use, cut electricity costs from workstations or rooms that are not in use. This will help you reduce carbon footprints and operational costs as well.

Why Choose QuickFMS for Seat Selection Software?

QuickFMS is an innovative cloud-based facilities management software that can help you with all your space management and seat booking needs. This all-in-one software tool is powered by different product modules that can be customized and deployed as per your organization’s needs. QuickFMS offers you advanced tools that will help you maximize your workspace and create a more productive and collaborative work experience.

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