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Branch Performance Management Made Easier & Contactless by QuickFMS


By Amit Prasad on October 15, 2020

Can a company Admin head having dispersed offices or retail outlets across the country or world, just sit in the corporate office and get live updates every morning to know the status of each branch? Yes, the QuickFMS Branch Performance Management Software helps you do exactly the same.

In the not so distant past, part of an Admin team’s responsibilities included going weekly to the local branch offices. Then the Zonal Head would visit once in a month while a Regional Head would visit once in a quarter, or some similar schedule was drawn up for various levels of officials. All these routine monitoring visits would entail an investment of a lot of time and money, both of which should ideally have been spent on other more productive activities that add to the company’s bottom line.

How Does QuickFMS Bank Branch Performance Management Tool Function?

A customized checklist, depending on the priority of the organization and what they are keen to track on a daily basis, is drawn up and fed into the system. The periodicity of each task is defined, so they only show up daily, weekly, or fortnightly as the need of the business demands. Each morning, an easy-to-report status update with a simple format, and a photograph, if necessary, is transmitted to the corporate team, which can be viewed on a consolidated dashboard.

The overall score of a branch defines whether any improvement steps need to be taken up and whether other internal or external stakeholders need to get involved in taking care of any issues which need attention and resolution. Once those are allocated, our Help desk management software can also be integrated to track them to closure within the defined SLAs of the respective employees or vendors. In a nutshell, the entire process of ensuring branch performance is made easy with our solution.

Which Sectors Can Benefit From Using QuickFMS Branch Management Software?

Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies with spread out branches, Retail Showrooms of Automobile companies, Sales outlets of Companies, Branded showrooms funded by the Corporate, Stores where shelf space is booked on a weekly or monthly basis by Brands, Supermarket chains or any other similar network of stores run by any Corporate can benefit from our module. So move to the new normal, start working with safety, and with a smarter solution, right from your office, implement QuickFMS Branch Performance Management Software!

Why Choose QuickFMS Bank Branch Performance Management Software?

As the new normal of 2020 has changed thought processes, avoidable travel is being cut out of the daily routines. Physical distancing and cost-cutting is the new mantra for every business. Therefore, the importance of QuickFMS and our Branch Performance Tracking Module is growing by leaps and bounds. This is a much safer solution that minimizes touchpoints with employees as much as possible. One responsible person at the branch, possibly even a security guard, can just install the app on their phone. If you are looking for a secure, long-lasting, and strategic end-to-end branch performance solutions, schedule a free demo now!

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