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What Are the Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace?

As facilities managers, you work closely with others every day. Facilities management involves bringing people together in the workplace and managing their workspace requests. This is not always easy. However, team collaboration and communication can help you meet unique workplace challenges. Remember, successful teams work together to achieve great results.

Here are some incredible benefits of teamwork in the workplace:

Takes Creativity to the Next Level

In this era of extreme competition, you need to be very creative so that you can think differently. You can do the same things in a better and more fruitful way. Teamwork in the workplace does that perfectly. Working together as a team can inspire everyone to think creatively. That makes all the difference in achieving the desired results.

Reduces Workload

It’s important to manage the workload properly. Teamwork helps you to understand the potential of every individual. And with that, sharing the workload becomes very easy. When working as a team, every team member will understand their role, and the team will start achieving the goals quite comfortably.

Helps Gain a New Perspective

One of the advantages of working as a team is gaining a new perspective on various things. Discussions and group interactions give every member of the team a chance to gain a new and different perspective of different situations.

Adds Fun to the Work

Working as a team adds fun to the workplace. Having a little fun at work can make the working environment stress-free. Working as a team is also very inspiring. By having a stress-free and enjoyable environment at your workplace, you can easily improve the overall productivity of your company.

Helps Team Members Work According to Their Strength

Every individual possesses different skillsets, and working as a team helps to work according to the strength and potential of every teammate. You can achieve great results by allowing your team members to work according to their strength and potential.

Brings in Different Personalities

Working as a team brings in a number of different personalities, different ways of thinking, different methods of tackling a particular situation, and so on. This benefits the whole team as they can learn many new things from people who are good at doing different things.

Improves Customer Service

Working as a team will ensure better and improved customer service. The whole team will work as per their skills, and that can be very handy to deliver flawless customer service. This strong work ethic will also create a good impression on your customers.

Boosts Productivity

Last but certainly not least, improved productivity is one of the significant benefits of teamwork. Sharing workload, tackling situations differently, better customer service, gaining new perspectives, generating new ideas, etc. can automatically boost the overall productivity of your company. With more hands and more minds at work, productivity automatically improves.

Working together as a team can make all the difference in a successful business. Understand the importance of teamwork and start promoting it at your workplace!

Latest Space Management Trends in the US Offices

Innovations have the ability to lead any successful business strategy, where creativity, smart initiatives, and cutting-edge practices boost employee productivity and business growth. New technologies and innovations are being implemented in office spaces around the globe, which further leads to new workplace design opportunities and space management experimentation.   With plenty of business competition and disruption on the horizon, your business cannot afford to lose the latest space management trends. Here are a few space management trends being followed in the US offices:

Implementation of Co-Working Areas

An important space management trend favors the implementation of co-working areas, private workrooms, and other workplace functional areas that relieve the existing pressure of open space. Business enterprises prefer a co-work wing or workstation area with similar activities or processes, rather than an open space management plan. This ensures that your employees performing similar activities can collaborate or communicate with each other when needed, without disturbing others. This space management layout plan works efficiently for all business teams with an approach towards smoothening day-to-day business activities and workflow management.

Natural Elements Are in Demand

Biophilic design is growing as the latest office design trend in the US. Businesses prefer adding more natural elements in their office design. Using more and more natural elements like sounds of running water, natural ventilation, wooden texture furniture, or use of a natural fiber texture is being preferred. Adding greenery with plants and colors of nature like sky hues result in nature-influenced office design. These small but brilliant office design trends can give you an environment-friendly and energetic work environment.

Enhanced Flexibility

Interestingly, the latest space management trend focuses more on increased employee expectations of work flexibility and enhanced mobility. The latest office space management plans support an ecosystem where both in-house and partly-remote employees or resources can work together. Meeting these latest space management trends offer unmatched flexibility to your employees, which motivates them to work with dedication, even when they work from home or anywhere else. Implementing the latest and innovative mobility tools ensure that remote work is seamless for your employees.

Adoption of Innovative Technologies

Your business enterprise cannot miss the latest and innovative technology trends that rule the world. Whether it is the power of cloud computing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or the Internet of Things, innovative technologies have their mark everywhere in transforming the way we manage businesses, even your space management plans. Implementing cloud-based facility management software in offices is becoming a popular trend. The latest facility management software based on the cloud has immense possibilities to revamp your space management practices.

Why Use QuickFMS for Space Management

Space and Shift Management Software by QuickFMS QuickFMS Space utilization and Workplace management module, provides you with tools you need to utilize the space available to you. Also, our space management software features an advanced ‘Shift Management Module’.  Get a free demo and see how it helps in optimizing your shift scheduling, planning, and management.

Employee Shift Management and Planning Solutions by QuickFMS

Organizations that leverage more than a single working shift often face difficult challenges in optimizing shift scheduling effectively and efficiently. While the employee shift management plan remains dynamic due to several reasons, the work has to be managed and completed on time.

The Need for Employee Shift Management Solution

As a manager, you know how important it is to have a streamlined employee shift management process to ensure a smooth workflow. And, relying on pen and paper or even Excel sheets for shift management and planning could become a nightmare very quickly. This is why there is a need for advanced employee shift management software.

QuickFMS Space Management Software for Shift Management

QuickFMS is cloud-based facilities management software which has been helping organizations effectively organize, structure, and run their infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance. QuickFMS Space Management Software features an advanced Shift Management Module which enables managers to effectively optimize their shift scheduling, planning, and management with utmost accuracy.

It empowers organizations with an ‘all-in-one’ employee shift management solution for shift planning, swapping, employee vacation management and even assess planned working hours of the employees, based upon the requirement, skills, availability, tenure, and other factors.

  1. Shift Master

    Shift Master is an advanced tool in Shift Management Module which allows you to create and define multiple shifts as and when required. It can be used to maintain global shift for the entire organization, and the shifts can be created or modified as per the different demographic locations.

  2. Shift Timing Management

    With an advanced tool available, you can effectively handle shift timing in the space requisition window itself. Seats can be allotted to vertical and cost center according to the shift requirement.

  3. Handle Dynamic Management Plans

    Thanks to this innovative employee Shift Management Module included in our Space Management Software, you can easily prepare and initiate customized shift management plans, depending on the ever-changing needs, requirements and business scenarios. It has the following capabilities:

    • Allocate space across multiple shifts from a map interface
    • Allocate different employees to the same seat in various shifts
    • Assign specific names to the seats within the assigned allocation space
    • Display shift-wise allocation reports and employee mapping, process flow screens
    • Display vacant space info through a simple process
    • Allow employees to sit wherever they like with the hot-desking option
    • Allow booking seats as per shift timing, whether coming early or leaving early
    • Map multiple employees to the same seat in various shift timings
  4. Reporting

    Shift Management Module features simplified reporting tools which allow you to access allocation reports and other details in no time. Also, you have the accessibility to generate customized reports based on which detail you want to track at a specific given time. You can track and maintain module usability by generating your own customizable reports.

To know more about the Shift Management Module of our Space Management Software, schedule a Free Demo today!

Space and Shift Management Software by QuickFMS

QuickFMS Amazes Students as well as Scientists at the Indo-Global Education Summit & Expo 2017

To compete successfully in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st Century, QuickFMS participated in Indo-Global Education Summit & Expo 2017, a unique event organized by the Indus Foundation (a non-profit trust) truly focussed on collaboration with foreign universities & student recruitment.

The Summit & Expo 2017 had sessions on skill development and academe – industry collaboration. Also, separate sessions for student recruitment. Mr. Amit Prasad, our MD & CEO of QuickFMS was invited as an honourable speaker to address the gathering from higher ranks including Vice-Chancellors, Directors, Principals, Provosts, Deans, Dept. Heads, Faculties, Scientists, Researchers, Trustees, Correspondents, Government Officials, Students and others connected with higher education. This session from the very successful entrepreneur, Mr. Amit Prasad with his extensive, amazing & innovative way of looking at opportunities left a lasting impression in broadening their horizons.

SatNav Technologies (which happens to be the parent company of QuickFMS) was represented by Naveen Goud, DGM Sales & Rachel Paul, DGM Corporate Sales of our core team. They had an excellent experience interacting with students of various institutions who were inquisitive to know the different features of QuickFMS; and is expected to have mutually supportive & synergetic effect. Also, had the opportunity to explore business ventures with other startups & entrepreneurs.

Undoubtedly QuickFMS once again, stood out as an evolving exceptional product matching international standards & was identified as unique with its distinctive features among other participants from education, business & government sectors around the world who took part in the Summit & Expo.


Certificate by The Indus Foundation

Why Some People Hate GST – A Dummy’s Guide

Are you confused with all this hungama around GST? I am with GST but I am against it, is that the message you’re receiving from some groups ? And this must be confusing you even further? Fret not, you aren’t alone and you aren’t at fault either! The Fact is that all this confusion is created intentionally, some people are assuming that they’ll suffer under GST so they’re spreading negativity about it. What surprises me is why some products that are going to become cheaper under GST are shamelessly announcing Sale season and trying to clear off stock.

But if it is such an amazing game changer, why would anyone hate it? How does it affect you as the Aam Aadmi of the country? To understand that, let me give you a Dummy’s guide on some background aspects of our country. A big hype is that small traders are going to hurt under GST, so consider your neighbourhood kirana store. He charges you by the MRP of the product which already includes taxes across all levels, but he pays no tax at all thereby pocketing all your money. Since GST will trace goods across all levels, he needs to get used to lesser profits. Rather than shedding crocodile tears over them, let us be happy that our hard earned money will no longer go to the black economy. And if the small trader cannot survive legally, then he might as well go and work for Walmart.

Over the years I have seen many businessmen buy smaller cars than they can afford but they go to a neighbourhood car accessories store and invest lakhs in upgrading various features which are normally available in high end cars. So why can’t they buy high end cars in the first place? Well, because they don’t have ‘entry’, but pray what is an entry? Dumb-Head that you are, obviously you don’t know that business in India is done mostly without ‘entry’ into the books of accounts. Businesses transact in crores but all of that goes into the parallel economy. I know a person who was paying close to a crore for an old flat purchase, but wanted to give most of it in cash because as a family he was showing only 1 lakh per earning member’s income!

Several moons ago in 1992 when I first started investing in the stock market I applied for the IPO of State Bank of India. I was lucky enough to get 200 shares allocated, thereby giving a bumper profit of over 50,000 Rs and obviously I was delighted! Having seen my family pay taxes before they get money home, I asked my financial adviser how much should I put aside for tax and he started laughing, he said only stupid people pay taxes. I remember telling myself even then, I hope days change soon and fortunately things are changing slowly since a few years, GST will hasten that change!

On the other hand, for the honest tax payer it has been a very uneasy journey, for those who pay taxes regularly or those who get salaries after Tax is deducted from their earnings. Even on that tax paid money, we pay tax when purchasing insurance, paying mobile bills, while eating at restaurants, when staying in a hotel and what not, making our effective tax rate not 30% but well into 40% or more! It is time India came up with a rewards scheme for those who are genuine payers.

For example, how about a Premium Club of tax payers who get Lounge access at all Airports, Special discounts in all Government Hotels , Restaurants, Guest Houses, Special membership to clubs the Government owns ? Make different tiers and institute a reward points scheme, more the points, more benefits you can avail at designated outlets. It would make payers feel recognized and rewarded and it has already been tried in some countries abroad. Besides, these discounts would only be similar to what Politicians and Bureaucrats enjoy off the record anyway, at the tax payer expense, just time to widen the net a bit further, to deserving people? Thus, encouraging more people to come forward and contribute towards building the nation.

So in summary my dear fellow Citizens of India, don’t get confused with all this hype, have confidence that worldwide, this kind of measure has given more benefits than ills. Think of the dozens of taxes we don’t need to bother about, just one single rate and one single country. Don’t get taken in by the hysteria or the initial setbacks that are likely to happen anyway. In the end we will have a cleaner India with less of Grey areas.

Thank your lucky stars that just like P V Narasimha Rao came in 1991 with a fresh policy that put the country on the path to restoration and glory, initiatives such as Demonetisation and GST are shaking up the country like never before, number of tax payers are increasing, number of people who accept credit cards and payment wallets are increasing. The phrase “cash is king” is slowly becoming less relevant, the old Order Changeth, we as well as our Children will reap the rewards of these !! Jai Hind !!

PS: Forward this article if you liked it and have experienced something similar, lets make India aware!!

10 Exciting Ideas to Host an Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is busy planning a fun-filled Christmas party. With only a few days left for the Christmas party, the preparations are in the full swing. But wait, are you still looking for unique office Christmas party ideas?

Check out these 10 ideas, which will forth your office Christmas party to the next level of excitement.

  • Sparkling Decoration:

    Pay great attention to the decorations! Christmas tree, ornaments, candles, Christmas LED lights, wreaths, garlands, tree toppers and other decorative items should be bright, attractive, colorful and well-placed.

  • Delicious Food:

    Food has to be delicious, perfectly cooked and baked, so that all your employees remember the office Christmas party for long.Take some time-out and arrange the best Christmas meal.

  • Fun-filled Activities:

    Fun activities are a great way to add charm to your Christmas celebrations. Organize amazing, fun-filled Christmas activities and games, which your office employees and staffs can enjoy.

  • The Perfect Wine:

    The celebrations will remain colorless without Christmas wine. Arrange the best wine for your office employees, who love to drink. Meanwhile don’t forget to arrange mocktails for all those who don’t like alcohol.

  • Music:

    Don’t forget to arrange the choicest tracks for the Christmas party. Needless to say, Christmas Carols will be amongst the most loved songs during the party.

  • The Christmas Cake:

    The festivities are incomplete without a Christmas cake! Look for a famous bakery shop, and give an order in-advance to avoid any rush at the last moment. Make sure the cake you order is sufficient for everyone present at the party.

  • Christmas Gifts:

    Buy Christmas gifts for all your business employees and staff members to make them feel special. Spend some time in the market, and you can easily get attractive Christmas gifts for every budget.

  • Christmas Movies:

    Set up a projector, put some comfy chairs or beanbags around and arrange some movie snacks like popcorn and enjoy some beautiful and heartwarming films on Christmas-The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life to Bad Santa.

  • Craftstravaganzaa:

    Gather your employees and make some Christmas crafts together. Make wreaths, holiday cards, wrap gifts and decorate your workstations together-while enjoying your holiday treats and drinks.

  • Santa’s Workshop:

    Set your work station to look like Santa’s workshop- a place for Santa visits with piles of gifts on a sleigh. Organize some team-building activities at different workstations. Ask someone to wear a Santa dress. Everyone will enjoy taking pictures with Santa.

See presentation here: Christmas Party Ideas at Workplace

Top 7 Ways to Ensure Fire Prevention and Safety in Offices

You might be following the best practices to ensure complete fire protection and safety in your home, but what about your office and commercial property? No matter you own a retail business, manufacturing industry, or an IT agency, you need to ensure the safety of employees, staffs, and visitors at your workplace.

Fire safety and prevention should always be a primary concern at your office and other commercial facilities. Here are top 7 ways to ensure fire prevention and safety in offices.

  1. Don’t compromise with maintenance works Never compromise and delay the regular maintenance work for your central heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, power backup solutions, computers, heavy electric appliances and other electrical components installed in your workplace. For manufacturing industries, all big machineries should be properly serviced from time-to-time.

  2. Electrical Wiring & Circuits Make sure that your office’s electrical wiring and circuit is well-planned and installed properly. Replace all damaged and cracked electrical sockets, cords and wires without any delay. Never buy cheap wire or sockets for running heavy electrical equipment. Make sure that the electrical equipment which you are using is of top-quality and manufactured by a reliable name. Don’t overload electrical circuits.

  3. Smoking Never allow your employees, staff or visitors to smoke indoors. Careless smoking can cause fire and hence, it should be done outdoors only. However, you can have a dedicated and separate arrangement for smoking, also known as ‘smoking area’ within your office premises. This place should have proper air ventilation and should follow the necessary guidelines.

  4. Fire Extinguisher Your office premises should have fire extinguishers installed at clearly visible and marked placed throughout the office premises and commercial facilities. Make sure that the fire extinguishers are working properly and serviced on-time. Teach your office employees and staffs to how to use a fire extinguisher in the time of need.

  5. Emergency Exit For big office buildings and commercial facilities, having a separate emergency exit is importantly required. Keep the emergency exit clean, dry and free all the time. Don’t use your office’s emergency exit as the way for office or canteen supplies. Also, don’t have any office furniture as an obstruction in the approach to the emergency exit.

  6. Store hazardous materials separately All flammable materials, either in solid, liquid or gaseous form should be kept separately in designated and safe areas. Teach your office staff to handle the flammable substances very carefully.

  7. Mock Drills A mock drill is the best way to re-create the situation of an actual fire emergency. It is also an effective way to analyze your fire prevention and safety preparations. Conducting a mock drill once in a year would also teach your employees, how to behave and evacuate the office building in less time under any similar situation.

“Remember, an early preparation and prevention is always better to minimize the loss of life and property in the case of a fire accident”.