Commercial Space Optimization with Facility Management Software


By Amit Prasad on September 3, 2015

Business innovation is transforming how every enterprise and organization is looking for new and efficient strategies that can help grow productivity and profitability. With the significant rise in competition, businesses are facing a tough time to excel in the competitive environment. There are various other factors that have emerged as challenges for business organizations, which include increasing operational costs and shrinking space available in the commercial facilities. For the same, business are adopting effective and cost-saving measures that can help them improve productivity, reduce costs and increase profit margins.

With ever-changing business needs, over-planning of growth and due to several other reasons, every office or commercial space is in the need of more and more operational space within their limited space available.

Every commercial facility or office space requires effective and careful planning to ensure that each and every corner of the available space is utilized properly. Without a proper and careful space optimization, they can have various types of interferences in the day-to-day business workflow. And hence, space optimization becomes a necessity for commercial facilities and business offices.

What is Space Optimization?

Space optimization can be defined as “an automated process which analyzes and identifies your properties or space that can be vacated by moving the assets and operations to other places having an extra usable space within the facility”.

Space optimization could help business organizations minimize the ever-increasing need for more space and meet its goal of achieving lease expense savings.

The primary objective of space optimization is to minimize the ownership and lease expense by utilizing each and every corner of the currently available space. It also involves combining of facilities for the same. It can be achieved by moving the assets or business operations out of the facility and then vacate them strategically. Resulting which, organizations get an opportunity to identify more usable space within their owned or leased space

Office Space Optimization with Facility Management Software

Space optimization involves multiple factors and parameters. Before moving the business operations and assets out of a facility, one must ensure that the other facility has more than enough space to accommodate them. Also, the distance between them shouldn’t be too much, which can interrupt the day-to-day business workflow. The distance must be suitable for both facilities if they are interdependent.

Hiring a facility manager for space optimization won’t be effective while addressing your space optimization needs and requirements. This is where, an automated space optimization solution can help your business organization.

A facility management software can be used for your commercial space optimization needs. An advanced facility management software or FMS includes all the factors and parameters of space optimization, which determines the optimum space of facilities that can be used to achieve the desired goals.

Today, one can find various types of facility management solutions that help all types of business enterprises and organizations to optimize their commercial space. One such software would empower your business to increase productivity, optimize space allocation and increase profit margins by reducing the expense of owning or leasing a facility. You can either select an on-premise hosted solution or the one, which is hosted on-the-cloud. However, a cloud-based facility management software would always be a greater option.

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