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7 Must-have Components for an Efficient Digital Workplace


By Amit Prasad on September 23, 2021

Implementing or shifting to a new digital workplace is not something that can be done randomly. While giving your employees a flexible place to perform their everyday work, your digital workplace solutions should help your organization stay competitive and keep up with the ever-evolving business needs.

Here are 7 must-have digital workplace solutions that can help you achieve the perfect balance between physical and virtual work environments.

  1. Cloud-based Software

    You might want to digitize your customer interactions, business processes, and employee relationships for simplified operations. Using cloud-based facilities management software is one way to facilitate your digital transformation while managing everything from file sharing to entire projects, all in one place. Besides, cloud-based software is cost-effective and relatively easy to implement than on-premise solutions.

  2. Mobile Apps

    A digital workplace requires real-time access to data from any location. While keeping your employees connected and enabling them to work on the go, workplace mobile apps help them easily find people and places, schedule meetings, request service, receive emails, and reserve desks. This way, multiple teams can work together as one unit resulting in greater efficiency.

    Check out our hot desk booking app to learn how we can help you optimize your existing desk space while maintaining social distancing.

  3. Data Security

    Your employees might access critical company data from various devices, often via unprotected servers, giving rise to security issues and cyber threats. Lack of encryption and unmonitored social media usage can further threaten your data security. However, you can combat security risks with managed cloud computing. Managed cloud services enhance reliability and data security while enabling on-demand data access, providing peace of mind to your clients and employees.

  4. Technology Enabling Hybrid Meetings

    A hybrid workplace is designed to support both in-office and remote workers. In order to facilitate hybrid meetings, your workplace should have the right technology, including:

    • Meeting scheduling software to simplify room reservations

    • A good video conferencing platform

    • High-quality conference room speakers

    • High-resolution lighting and web-cameras

  5. Inviting Office Design

    As your employees return to the office post-pandemic, they will be looking forward to a different office experience with new designs that prioritize comfort and safety. As a result, having a spacious workplace has become even more essential now. You might consider limiting capacity in some areas, such as break rooms and huddle spaces, and increasing distance between workspaces.

    Moreover, you should prioritize the following aspects while renovating your office or constructing a new building:

    • Natural lighting

    • Noise-minimizing barriers

    • Comfortable seating

    • Hygienic workspace

    Our upgraded space management software can help you optimize your office space according to the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. Besides, with our real-time space allocation reports, you can easily manage the number of employees at your workplace at any time.

  6. Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

    IoT sensors connect places, things, and people while enabling data exchange over a network. These sensors send real-time data to an integrated office management system that interprets the information, allowing you to know the current status of a particular space or thing and act accordingly. For instance, you can use IoT sensors to help your employees quickly find and reserve available workspaces, gather information on how people use the space, monitor space occupancy, and simplify the cleaning process.

  7. Flexible Workplace Policies

    A transparent and flexible workplace policy is essential to ensure a new digital workplace. You need a remote work policy that your employees can trust and is clear on matters like:

    • The time when an employee’s workday starts and ends

    • Instances where an employee is allowed to work remotely

    • The time when employees are expected to be available remotely

    • Whether they need to inform a particular person while working remotely

    • At what time they are required to come to the office

    • The way they are expected to communicate in the digital workplace

    Make sure to have the policy in writing so that the managers can apply the same correctly.

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