5 Digital Workspace Solutions You Should Leverage in 2021


By Amit Prasad on December 31, 2020

In the COVID-19 era, digital workspace solutions have proven vital to business continuity. With business shutdowns and movement restrictions in place, these tools have enabled enterprise operations to continue, with workers remotely collaborating on mission-critical workflows and tasks.

Specifically, many organizations today are deploying cloud-based workspace management software (WMS) to facilitate seamless engagements between remote workers and top management. They’re also leveraging smart, advanced IT solutions to track and efficiently manage office space utilization in real-time.

Here are 5 digital workspace solutions that can help you make the most of your physical office, assets, and personnel:

  • Workplace Management Software

    A workplace management tool lets you monitor the utilization of your facility, ensuring you’re not spending more than necessary on physical space. You may integrate it with HR, EPR, or other IT systems to streamline remote room/workspace reservation and asset allocation. This way, you can ensure that, at any given time, your workforce has sufficient resources or support for optimal productivity.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

    When you integrate your WMS with IoT sensors, you can get accurate, actionable space utilization data in real-time. These sensors enable you to see underutilized spaces and make any necessary changes. You may also use the technology to track how other organizations are using your resources, such as in multi-tenant buildings.

  • Employee Experience Apps

    Most employees usually spend their day at work in different offices at different times. With a WMS-integrated app, they can quickly find their colleagues or guests, book space, or request services from their smartphone. Such an app doesn’t just make things easier for your employees – it also empowers them to accomplish more at work within less time.

  • Room Scheduling Touch Screens

    Consider installing digital room scheduling displays outside your conference halls or offices to show occupancy, capacity, or conferencing equipment at a glance. Your employees can use the touch interfaces to book a room, check-in, check out, and much more. Integrating the system with your WMS gives you expanded visibility into room utilization, enabling you to plan better for the future.

  • Digital Signage and Wayfinding

    Digital wayfinding displays with interactive maps can help your staff or visitors quickly find people or places. It’s a handy navigation aid for organizations with expansive workspaces. You may also incorporate digital signage to provide information or announcements to your employees or guests wherever they may be in your facility.

Why Use QuickFMS for Workspace Management Software?

QuickFMS is cloud-based workspace management software that lets you better manage your staff, physical work areas, and work practices to optimize productivity. It can help you make the most of your office spaces and assets, directly impacting your bottom line. QuickFMS also offers different modules that you may deploy at scale or customize to deliver greater value.

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