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By Amit Prasad on May 1, 2019

Organizations that leverage more than a single working shift often face difficult challenges in optimizing shift scheduling effectively and efficiently. While the employee shift management plan remains dynamic due to several reasons, the work has to be managed and completed on time.

The Need for Employee Shift Management Solution

As a manager, you know how important it is to have a streamlined employee shift management process to ensure a smooth workflow. And, relying on pen and paper or even Excel sheets for shift management and planning could become a nightmare very quickly. This is why there is a need for advanced employee shift management software.

QuickFMS Space Management Software for Shift Management

QuickFMS is cloud-based facilities management software which has been helping organizations effectively organize, structure, and run their infrastructure for maximum efficiency and performance. QuickFMS Space Management Software features an advanced Shift Management Module which enables managers to effectively optimize their shift scheduling, planning, and management with utmost accuracy.

It empowers organizations with an ‘all-in-one’ employee shift management solution for shift planning, swapping, employee vacation management and even assess planned working hours of the employees, based upon the requirement, skills, availability, tenure, and other factors.

  1. Shift Master

    Shift Master is an advanced tool in Shift Management Module which allows you to create and define multiple shifts as and when required. It can be used to maintain global shift for the entire organization, and the shifts can be created or modified as per the different demographic locations.

  2. Shift Timing Management

    With an advanced tool available, you can effectively handle shift timing in the space requisition window itself. Seats can be allotted to vertical and cost center according to the shift requirement.

  3. Handle Dynamic Management Plans

    Thanks to this innovative employee Shift Management Module included in our Space Management Software, you can easily prepare and initiate customized shift management plans, depending on the ever-changing needs, requirements and business scenarios. It has the following capabilities:

    • Allocate space across multiple shifts from a map interface
    • Allocate different employees to the same seat in various shifts
    • Assign specific names to the seats within the assigned allocation space
    • Display shift-wise allocation reports and employee mapping, process flow screens
    • Display vacant space info through a simple process
    • Allow employees to sit wherever they like with the hot-desking option
    • Allow booking seats as per shift timing, whether coming early or leaving early
    • Map multiple employees to the same seat in various shift timings
  4. Reporting

    Shift Management Module features simplified reporting tools which allow you to access allocation reports and other details in no time. Also, you have the accessibility to generate customized reports based on which detail you want to track at a specific given time. You can track and maintain module usability by generating your own customizable reports.

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Space and Shift Management Software by QuickFMS