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Enhancing Office Seat Capacity Management for Return to Work Employees


By Amit Prasad on May 20, 2022

Many businesses have begun to return to onsite working arrangements. However, the new strains of the virus are causing businesses to struggle to fulfill social distancing standards for their workplace environments. It is a huge job to ensure that your workplace has adequate room for your workers to move around and remain productive.

The natural next step is to invest in technologies and rules that can make capacity planning considerably easier. At QuickFMS, we have assisted businesses in making the most of their technology. From our experience, a solid system that is effectively applied can make any operation go more smoothly, including office seat capacity management.

How to Manage Office Seat Capacity During Pandemic?

Here are a few things you can do to successfully manage your office seat rostering during the pandemic:

  • Measure Your Employee Threshold

    Determine the actual number of employees you have, then compare it to the number of people who can stay in your office space. Once you have the specific figures, you should consider how social distancing restrictions may affect your process. Determine which teams may operate remotely and which may need to be on-site.

  • Organize Your Team’s Shifts

    Scheduling different shifts will ensure everyone gets a seat while maintaining social distancing. You might use space management software to help you handle the massive workload. That will provide you with a visual calendar that you can use to compare the various schedules of your staff and manage accordingly. To limit the number of personnel on-site, you can stagger shifts or do rotating shifts.

  • Create a Floor Plan Focusing on Social Distancing

    Maximizing floor space is now more important than ever, especially with social distancing measures. You can use CDC to assist you in organizing your new layout that fits social distancing standards. You may also use desk booking software to assist you in maintaining and developing the floor plan that will act as a map for your office space.

  • Automate with Occupancy Management Tools

    For occupancy-enabled sites, occupancy management technologies give real-time and historical occupancy data. They can display how many people are in different sections of your workplace, allowing you to alter or prepare properly to comply with social distancing rules.

Hot Desking Software for Your Office Seat Rostering

Our hot desking software is an office seat capacity management software that can assist you in using your existing office space more efficiently. Whether you have open workstations, flexible workspaces with many part-time employees, or remote employees, our customized hot desk booking software can help you efficiently manage your workspaces. Our cloud-based tool is extremely secure, quick, and simple, allowing your employees to work more productively in a shared office.

If you want to know more about our hot desking software, schedule a free demo with one of our experts, and we will be happy to help you.

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