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By Amit Prasad on September 24, 2018

An Indian subsidiary of the world leader in food and facility management services was facing problems in monitoring its physically distributed sites, streamlining the operations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. After procuring facilities management software, the company is now able to manage all the assets of their different sites, track their maintenance schedules, budgets, and costs. The level of customer satisfaction also increased due to the seamless completion of service requests. The facility managers can now effectively manage their FM operations by getting KPI reports, escalation alerts, service level non-adherence alerts, etc. Since the procurement, not just the overall productivity of the company have improved but its bottom line has also shot up significantly.

Not just the large corporations, but small and medium enterprises too need a dedicated system in place for smoothly managing their day-to-day operations and functions. The rapidly increasing digitization of the organization’s working models in India is the major reason behind it. Still, as compiled by industry experts, only 25% of the market has been tapped by Indian facility management services companies.

What Is Facilities Management Software?

Facilities management (FM) software enables facility managers to effectively organize, structure, and run the entire workspace and infrastructure-related operations, repair, and maintenance program for achieving maximum performance and efficiency, all from a cloud-based dashboard.

FM software allows multi-site facility managers to accomplish a range of functions related to repair and maintenance, complaint management, and cost optimization. Some such functions are asset management, space allocation and optimizing floor plans, managing property leasing and rental agreements, work order fulfilments, data analytics, and tracking costs and expenses, etc.

The best facilities management software, like QuickFMS, are a cloud-based platform, which means a secure access to company data, and the mobility option; using the platform from anywhere.

Different Facilities Management Software Modules

Different organizations have their own requirements for facilities management software. That majorly depends on the size of their facility, the steps involved in different working procedures, and the type of industry they are. With QuickFMS, almost any organization falling under any industry is covered. Also, the different software modules that we offer can be implemented individually, or as a full suite. Here are the different modules:

  • Property Management: Our property management module lets you track, store, and maintain building, property, and tenant-related data so that you can easily monitor all aspects of your property from a single cloud-based dashboard. QuickFMS’s property management module is of great value for real estate owners, MNCs, hospitality industry, educational campuses, and others.
  • Physical Asset Management: The physical asset management module is a complete inventory solution for keeping track of your fixed physical and consumable assets throughout their lifecycle—from requisition and installation to disposal. You can track the availability and consumption of assets by department, project, or facility. It also allows employee level mapping and tracking of the allocated consumable assets such as laptops, mobile phones, and cars.
  • Help Desk Management: The help desk management module is helpful in supporting the high level of service delivery, and tackling internal issues through a request raising and resolving model—the ticketing tool. The tool allows you to raise trackable tickets for service requests and complaints concerning any department and keep track of its progress as it moves through different departments and personnel. The tool fully integrates with many in-house ERP software systems and existing tools such as HR portals.
  • Space Management: Our space management module helps you optimize your workplace utilization to ensure that all working and trading areas are used correctly and efficiently. The tool that we provide seamlessly integrates with any existing ERP, HR, or CRM system helping you in planning and allocation of space, tracking how it is used, and automating the entire workflow of your process in real-time.
  • Maintenance Management: QuickFMS’s maintenance management module helps you keep track of the maintenance within your corporate office or facility locations. With our maintenance management tool, you can effectively manage the maintenance strategies, contracts, scheduling, and work in progress. Corporate businesses, IT & ITES, real estate, property managers, etc., are the most suitable beneficiaries of this module.
  • Energy Management: Energy management tool allows you to effectively monitor the energy consumption and expense across your corporate offices and facility locations. Among its many features, the tool also provides a breakdown of your energy consumption into meaningful figures that enables you to plan effective campaigns for cost-cutting. It also lets you track energy usage under different expense heads, i.e., electricity, solar, gas, coal, water, oil, etc.
  • Reservation & Resource Management: The reservation and resource management module is for handling the internal and external usage and hiring of your facility’s shared spaces. It offers a range of functions such as handling bookings and reservations, modifying and canceling bookings, sending meeting requests, managing assets and resources needed for the meeting, among others. This module fits best with the needs of schools, colleges and universities, training facilities, employee accommodation, concierge services, corporate institutions, etc.
  • Guesthouse Booking and Management: Guesthouse booking and management software is specially designed for handling the booking and reservation needs of a guest house of any size. It offers a fully interactive system that allows for effective managing of rooms by organizing them into groups and types. Its online booking mechanism also provides easy check-in/check-out options.
  • Business Card Management: The business card management tool takes care of all that goes into handling the business card requests from employees. The simple interface of the tool allows your employees to raise the business card request at any time, just by filling in the required details. Further processes like acknowledging the request, getting necessary approval of the reporting manager, assigning it to the vendor and issuing the card, all are handled right from a single interface.
  • QuickFMS has a reputable presence among companies led by world leaders. We have an impressive list of clients in India too. Request a live demo of our facility management software or call us at +91 9849460351 for more information.