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3 Future Workplace Trends We Will See by 2025


By Amit Prasad on January 21, 2020

The world is witnessing the accelerated pace of change in modern workplace trends. According to a prediction made by former CISCO chairman, John Chambers, 40% of today’s businesses will not exist in the next ten years. More than half of the fortune 500 companies of the year 2000 are no longer listed. Businesses are evolving every day. Companies must embrace future workplace trends to reshape their workforce.

Here are three emerging workplace trends we would likely see by 2025:

  1. Autonomous Work Stations

    The future workplace will be more creative and dynamic. We will have autonomous work stations designed to adjust to individual users. For example, desks and chairs will recognize different staff and adjust according to the preset preferences for their height and ergonomics. By 2025, businesses will rely on cloud-based computing that will reduce the setup time spent every morning at the workplace. An autonomous work station will effectively reduce the tangled wires and hardware requirements. This will ensure hassle-free operations and improve workplace productivity.

  2. Holograms and Augmented Reality

    Holograms and augmented reality in the workplace technology will transform the way we work today. Holograms are the 3D images produced by lasers. Holographic communication will likely replace the teleconference or video conference. The future of data visualization at the workplace will be in the form of 3D holographic images. The colleagues in an organization will be able to share documents, designs, and even live pictures easily using holographic images.

    Augmented reality will be yet another advancement that will revolutionize the way we interact at our workplace today. Google Glass is an augmented reality tool that innovative professionals are using at the workplace. Unlike virtual reality, where a computer generates everything a user sees, augmented reality portrays the elements of the real-world. This has limitless potential to change the way we learn, collaborate, develop products, and enhance the customer’s experience.

    Here are some of the best examples of augmented reality for the workplace available today:

    • The IKEA Mobile App – This app allows you to select anything from the store’s catalog and see how it will look in various places around your house using augmented reality.
    • Disney AR Coloring Book – This AR technology helps children to project colored images of their favorite characters from a coloring book using a mobile or tablet.
    • Google Pixel Phone – Google added a feature in its pixel phone that is allowing users to input augmented reality stickers into pictures and videos.
  3. Biomimicry and Bio layering

    Biomimicry is an art and science of observing the living world to seek sustainable solutions to human challenges. Companies will consider workplace design from the lens of the natural world. In this approach, we integrate natural elements like plants, wood, and natural lighting to build an environment that will reduce stress, generate happiness, and a feeling of well-being among the workforce. The idea of using biomimicry and bio layering is to promote the nature-inspired solutions to everyday problems that we face at our workplace. In the future, biomimicry and bio layering may become a common workplace trend.

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Future Workplace Trends