Futuristic Facility Management Technology Trends to Look Out For


By Amit Prasad on June 13, 2022

It is fascinating how the facility management industry and technology have progressed in the past few years. The periphery of the facility management industry has expanded with emerging technologies and trends. Amid COVID-19, remote and hybrid workplaces have become the latest working trends, and new facility management technologies can adequately support these new systems. Therefore, it has become vital for every business enterprise to stay updated with the latest facility management technology trends to benefit from the technological advancements.

Why Facility Managers Should Adopt the Changes in the Facility Management Technology Trends Quickly

The latest facility management technology trends offer substantial benefits to facility managers. Utilizing these trends will not only help in better asset management and branch performance tracking but will also help to create sustainable, cost-effective business models and safer workplaces with minimal health risks.

Here are some of the latest facility management software trends you can opt for in the future:

  1. Touchless Workplace Technology

    According to McKinsey, minimizing contact with high-touch surfaces like elevator buttons, door knobs, check-in kiosks, etc., help to minimize the health risks posed to employees, consumers, and the overall organization. Therefore, workplace leaders see touchless technology as an ideal solution to deal with the post-pandemic inhibitions.

    The COVID-19 scenario has entirely changed their perspective of a functional and safe workplace. As a return to work solution, we see more businesses adopting touchless workplace technologies to ensure employee safety.

  2. Space Management Software

    Earlier, businesses focused on maximizing space utilization and optimization. However, now the requirements are different. When employees return to the office, there would be a great need for space management software to reduce costs and ensure employees’ safety. Space management techniques like hot-desking and desk booking have proven effective in ensuring better space utilization while maintaining employee safety.

    We will see more offices adopting tools and software for effectively managing the space at the workplace. At QuickFMS, we offer customized space management solutions to our clients to ensure optimum space utilization while maintaining worker safety.

  3. Asset Management Software

    Managing and controlling operational assets and equipment throughout their life cycle have become one of the important corporate functions. Asset management software allows managers to reduce operational costs and optimize asset allocation for greater ROI.

  4. Advanced Machine Learning

    Machine learning is the future of facility management. Using data-driven insights to identify trends and patterns will enhance the business decision-making process to a great extent. This technology uses big data for predictive analysis to help facilities make accurate predictions. Yelp, Facebook, and IBM are some companies that are using advanced machine learning technologies to their advantage.

  5. Energy Management Solutions

    Controlling energy consumption and associated expenses can be a tedious job. Energy Management software can help managers track their energy consumption and keep it within the budget. This cloud-based software can help businesses achieve energy efficiency and cost reduction. Organizations like Philips, TVS Motors, L&T, etc., have made using energy conservation technology an important part of their business plan.

  6. Wearable Technology

    In the age of smartwatches and fitness bands, it’s natural that wearable technology will make a powerful entry into the business domain. With smart badges used for security and access purposes, there is a rapid increase in the popularity of wearable technology, and it will only witness a hike in the future. Popular wearable technologies include smart glasses, smart tags, medical wearables, etc.

  7. Sustainability Software Solutions

    With businesses becoming more aware of sustainable growth and corporate citizenship, facilities management software allows businesses to track growth in various areas through sustainable software solutions.

  8. Cloud-Based Data Solutions

    Using cloud-based services can streamline the data collection and storage process. The idea here is to plug in the data collection equipment so that the data is stored safely and accessible for productive use to authorized members. Cloud-based solutions mitigate the risk of data loss and offer customized data access levels to authorized members.

  9. Internet of Things (IoT)

    The IoT-based solutions are one of the most useful and advanced facility management technology trends at present. It is energy-friendly and can provide accurate data about the facilities. It can substantially reduce business expenses by minimizing manual work. Sensor technology is a practical application of IoT. It can be used to gather information on essential aspects like desk occupancy, washroom cleaning status, space usage, etc.

  10. Remote Branch Monitoring Software

    Remote branch monitoring software has recently emerged as a substantial driver of facilities management. With the help of various facility modules like sensor technology, cloud-based data collection techniques, data tracking, etc., organizations can monitor the performance of any branch or site office remotely. This helps save on resources and reduces any risk to the health of employees and customers.

These trends will substantially impact facility management in a post-pandemic scenario by helping make businesses sustainable. With offices reopening with limited capacity, these facility management trends will help organizations achieve optimization and higher efficiency while simultaneously ensuring employee and workplace safety.

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