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Healthcare Facility Management Software for Hospitals & Clinics


By Amit Prasad on July 14, 2020

Healthcare facility management software is an innovative facility management solution that helps hospitals and clinics effectively manage patient care and streamline their daily operations. Facilities management software for hospitals and clinics empowers healthcare facilities to optimize all their physical resources and automate management functions, which are crucial for smooth, streamlined, and well-functioning of healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Facility Management Software During the COVID-19 Crisis

With the high demands on the healthcare industry today, it’s more important than ever before for hospitals and clinics to maintain perfection in terms of facility management. The delicate hospital ecosystem has no room for error in asset management, equipment sanitation, cleaning & sanitization, and other custodial tasks during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Implementing the right healthcare facility management software for your hospital or clinic is an invaluable addition to your facility management efforts. An all-inclusive facility management solution can help you maintain a clean, well-functioning, safe, and sanitized hospital that positively influences the patient experience.

Benefits of Healthcare Facilities Management Software

Healthcare facilities management software is fully loaded with features combined with ease-of-use with enterprise functionality, which is intuitive and customizable. They make facility management for hospitals and clinics easier while driving productivity and ensuring the best patient care.

Hospital management software takes your facility management operations from manual entries and Excel files to a more simplified and automated platform, hosted in one central database. Being on the Cloud, your facility management software gets synced in real-time, which can be accessed on mobile devices as well.


Let’s explore the benefits of implementing one such software for healthcare facility management needs!

  • Ensure Complete Sanitization with Work Order

    In the current pandemic situation, hospitals and clinics need to ensure top-notch cleanliness and sanitization in their facility. Healthcare facility management works like work order software to ensure all cleaning and sanitation tasks are thoroughly completed.

    It tracks work orders and notifies team members when cleaning or sanitization tasks are assigned or overdue. Its powerful planning capabilities ensure that cleaning tasks are complete on time and that infections stay contained.

  • Easy Accessibility

    Good healthcare facility management software for hospitals and clinics offers easy accessibility. Once your facility manager or management team supplements time spent getting settled into the interface, its operations with an easy to use work order software gets employees where they need to be quicker and more efficiently. The right hospital facility management software allows them to access, interpret, and learn from it.

  • Early Preparation with Preventive Maintenance

    Facilities management software for hospitals and clinics promotes preventive maintenance. Your healthcare facility can’t afford fire/life safety assets or emergency generators out of service for too long. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and testing ensure your emergency assets won’t fail unexpectedly, and your healthcare facility is always ready with the best patient care in the times of emergency.

  • Availability and Reliability

    The asset management and maintenance modules added in Healthcare Facility Management Software helps in keeping all medical equipment and machines at optimum condition. The maintenance scheduling features help in increasing the life and reliability of medical machines and other assets.

  • Proper Utilization of Resources

    Hospital management software ensures that healthcare facilities utilize their buildings and other property resources in the most suitable way. A few advanced facility management module features a space optimization software that helps healthcare facilities efficiently utilize the unused space in the building.

  • Safety and Security

    Hospital facility management software helps in ensuring complete safety and security through machine maintenance and asset tracking features. All the important equipment and facilities are monitored through the software. And their availability allows the healthcare care service provider to stay prepared for any emergency.

  • Mobility and Accuracy

    Cloud-based healthcare facility management software applications can be accessed from anywhere with any computer, smartphone, or tablet, connected to the network. A cloud-based facility management software application is hosted on multiple servers in various geographical locations. It helps maintain a 100% accurate database and the complete list of all assets, with zero possibility of error.

  • Inventory Management

    Advanced inventory management features allow healthcare facilities to track the availability and know the location of medical equipment and other supplies.

  • Track Maintenance Costs

    Hospital facility management software applications allow healthcare facilities to track the total expenditure on maintenance works.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    You don’t need to buy any additional hardware device or a software license for using hospital management software. Cloud-based facility management software applications are generally available in various subscription packages, which differ in usability and features. Also, their maintenance costs are zero.

Why Do Healthcare Service Providers Need Facility Management Software?

It is more than necessary for healthcare facilities to ensure that all service requests are responded swiftly without compromising their quality. At the same time, they have to ensure that all medical facilities, property resources, and technical equipment such as elevators or power supply, sterilization machines, and even human resources are well-optimized for maintaining smooth and uninterrupted operations round-the-clock.

The healthcare facilities must comply with security, hygiene standards, and fire code regulations to ensure patients’ complete safety and comfort. Also, the maintenance operations should be scheduled very carefully so that they don’t interrupt the day-to-day operations.

This is where healthcare facilities need an effective hospital management software that can best address all their facility management needs.

Why Choose QuickFMS for Healthcare Facility Management Software?

QuickFMS is innovative cloud-based facilities management software that is being widely used by many healthcare facilities across the globe. This software solution has been added with various advanced modules that help healthcare service providers manage their infrastructure resources, schedule maintenance operations, and ensure uninterrupted day-to-day operations.

Healthcare facility management software