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Bank Facility Management Software: How It Improves Efficiency


By Amit Prasad on March 16, 2020

In a recent study by American’s Banker Association (ABA), it was found that around 80% of the bank customers still prefer visiting banking locations and ATMs, rather than opting for other banking solutions.

Today, when mobile banking through dedicated smartphone applications for transfers and payments has become highly popular, 80% of the total bank customers still preferring to visit a banking location clearly portrays that how bank’s facilities and physical locations are significant strategic assets. Apart from this, banking facilities need to operate efficiently to support business goals, reduce operational costs to generate good revenue, and to improve customer relationships. Facility managers rely upon advanced space management software for banks to manage their organization’s infrastructure space.

In the current cut-throat business environment, banking and financial organizations are facing a tough time to compete with the rivals in the industry. The growing operational and maintenance costs, as well as the shrinking profits, are making it hard for banking organizations to mark a constant growth.

How Bank Facility Management Software Can Help

Efficient bank facility management software can help banking and financial organizations in optimizing their facilities and physical locations so that they can better align with their business goals. Cloud-based facilities management software can help banks in ensuring improved operational efficiency without increasing the maintenance cost.

Bank facility management software streamlines various day-to-day business operations, enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of employees.

Some of the major areas where bank facility management software is helpful:

  • Property Management

    Advanced property management software empowers banks to strategically manage their rented and owned facilities with ensuring minimized business interruptions. The automated email notifications inform the users about the approaching date of lease expiration so that they can renew the lease agreements on time. It also stores all property and leases-related documents like rental receipts very safely.

  • Space Optimization

    Space management becomes an easy task for banks after implementing space management software. Integrating space management software for banking allows banks to efficiently utilize unused spaces in the facility, increase productivity, streamline space allocation and de-allocation, and reduce operational costs significantly. Also, advanced space management software for banks can be easily integrated with ERP, HR, or CRM software to ensure transparency in space availability.

  • Physical Asset Management

    With physical asset management software, banks and financial organizations can efficiently manage the complete lifecycle of their fixed assets present within the facilities and office locations.

  • Help Desk Management

    The feature of the help desk management software empowers banks and financial organizations to track problems, complaints, and service requests by customers within their facility locations. With automated processes, bank employees and staff can focus on adding new customers, retaining their accounts, and sell financial products to them. A well-managed bank facility supports employees and all other business aspects to strengthen customer relationships.

Get Advanced Facilities Management Software for Banks

QuickFMS is an innovative cloud-based facilities management software with several beneficial features and tools that allow facility managers of small, mid-sized, and large banking and financial institutions to simplify the maintenance and management of bank facilities. This also includes space optimization, help desk management, asset tracking, and controlling operational costs.

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