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Revolutionize Lease Management with QuickFMS


By Amit Prasad on April 22, 2021

What Is Lease Management Software?

Lease management software helps eliminate the complexities involved in managing your real estate leases. Keeping tabs on every leasing agreement within a diverse portfolio can be a daunting task. Companies also need to ensure that they comply with all the new leasing regulations set by government authorities from time to time. Most real estate companies are required to disclose the impact of their current and future lease agreements in their financial statements.

At QuickFMS, our lease management software can help you record all critical rental lease agreements in one place. Integrating an effective leasing solution with your existing facilities can help improve the communication gap and operations efficacy.

How Does the Software Work?

Selecting an effective and relevant lease management software depends on the nature, size, and operations of your specific real estate project. However, some general functions that are common to all lease management software are as follows:

  • Keeps a Tab of All Critical Lease Reports

    With the automated notifications present in any lease rental software, you won’t run the risk of missing out on the latest updates and events. This software can help record and remind you of start and end dates, reviews, break clauses, indexations, and rent-free periods.

  • Seamless Integration

    You can easily integrate your own ERP system with lease management software to help manage and monitor outstanding rents and related payments.

  • Insight and Analytics

    A reliable and effective lease tracking software will provide you with valuable insights on raw data using its advanced AI interface. With the help of analytics, you can easily make a cost-effective decision and improve your turnover at the same time.

  • Enhanced Functionalities

    This software can also reduce the time taken from the initial conception of the lease contract to the actual building use.

Besides, our lease management software would also assist you in:

  • Setting expiration date of lease agreements with automated email triggers.
  • Monitoring the terms of a lease agreement.
  • Computing rental changes while keeping track of escalations in the rental costs.
  • Setting reminders for the rent collection period.
  • Accessing buyer and seller information at all times.

Lease Management vs. Property Management Software

While property management software may handle various aspects related to properties, lease management software is exclusively developed to make leasing activities more efficient. The latter software will help you get more accurate property data such as location, account, and maintenance.

Lease management software also comes with various features that improve efficiency. The software is cloud-based and therefore, you will not need to install any software on your computer to use it. You can access the SaaS management software from anywhere 24/7.

Setting up leasing management software is easy. Most of the programs have intuitive user interfaces (UI) with straightforward navigation. The companies behind the software applications also offer adequate training and support to help you get started with them.

Important Features of Lease Management Software

Leasing software comes with various important features that may be essential to you depending on the scale of your operations. The main features of the software include:

  • Data Management

    The software makes it easy to manage various important property data. For example, you track important data such as property maintenance, lease renewal, and expiry dates. Keeping track of these data is important for the efficient management of your lease properties.

  • Operational Features

    The operational features of lease management software enable the smooth operation of the activities related to your properties. Below are things you can do with the software:

    1. Come with an online portal or website where you can promote your company and listings online
    2. Set up unlimited user accounts for your team to remotely access the software
    3. Get valuable property data
    4. Share and store important documents with tenants and owners through a file library
    5. Track repairs and maintenance of the properties you are managing
    6. Allow tenants to pay for their leases online and track their payments
  • Accounting Features

    Lease management programs can be integrated with your current accounting systems for easier financial management. For example, you can calculate rent based on a periodic lease, advance payments, maintenance charges, and other customer or vendor charges through the software.

    Other things you can do with the software include tracking payables and receivables, bank reconciliation, tax filing, electronic funds transfer, and compliance. The financial information entered into the software will be compliant with the best accounting standards.

    When using leasing software, you will no longer need separate accounting software to handle the financial aspects of property management.

  • Data Customization

    You can easily customize data and accurately track the essential details through a lease management system. When entering data, you will have to provide primary information that the system will process and determine the important details that you should remember.

    Any information that you enter will be updated in all the relevant fields, ensuring that you always have the most recent and most accurate data. You can also customize the data that will be shown based on your preferences.

  • Management and Leasing

    The primary function of lease management software is to easily help you know the state of your leased properties at any time. However, the software has many more functions than simple lease management. Other functions that the software is capable of include:

    1. Document storage
    2. Electronic signatures
    3. Property marketing
    4. Rental applications
  • Advanced Reports

    You can easily and automatically create property management reports through the leasing software. Through the program’s advanced reporting capabilities, you can generate data such as the number and location of properties available, income generated over specific timelines, list of past and present tenants, upcoming lease expiration dates, overdue or pending lease payments, among others.

    The reporting capability of the program provides pertinent data about your leased property, enabling you to know where the business stands at any time.

  • Easy Mapping

    Lease management software applications also have mapping features that help you know the location of particular properties. The mapping feature can be crucial in various situations. For example, when potential tenants want to view a property, they can easily find its location through the software.

    If you are managing a few properties, you may know their locations on top of your head. However, when you are running a big operation with hundreds or thousands of properties under your management, knowing their exact locations may be impossible. The mapping feature of lease management software will come in handy in such a case.

  • Data Protection

    Another feature that the top lease management programs have is data protection. The software applications are secured with strong SSL encryption to keep your firm’s information safe. SSL encryption scrambles your data to prevent authorized parties from access it. Apart from SSL, the software can regularly back up your leasing data for safety. Some applications even allow you to export the data yourself and save it on your external drive or with your favorite cloud storage provider.

    Most companies are developing leasing management software and deploying them on the cloud. These programs are served from secure data centers that have robust IT infrastructure and redundant fail-safe measures. Therefore, you can always be sure of accessing your leasing data through the programs from anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Conclusion

    Leasing software makes it easy to streamline your property management operations and meet your business goals. If you are looking to make your processes more efficient, increase productivity and improve your bottom line, it’s critical to start using lease management software.

    Why Choose QuickFMS for Lease Management Software

    At QuickFMS, our lease management software is well equipped with advanced AI technologies that recognize all your lease and rental needs before you do. Our software can help record and review your property-related data and suggest future actions within a short time. For more information on lease management software, schedule a free demo with us today!

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