Leveraging SaaS Model to Boost Business Productivity & Revenue


By Amit Prasad on November 30, 2015

It’s been history when business enterprises were required to build and maintain an expensive IT infrastructure at their working base. With the introduction of innovative and advanced SaaS model, businesses don’t need to invest in setting up a heavy IT infrastructure. All they need today is a reliable internet connection as their infrastructure.

SaaS empowers businesses to store their workflow database in the cloud, and access it from any part of the globe with ease. Similarly, they can even access SaaS-based services built on a shared infrastructure with a compatible device from remote areas as well. There are various reasons why the SaaS model has become highly popular amongst businesses of all types and sizes today.

With so many technology giants offering cloud-based solutions, more and more business organizations are now re-evaluating whether they should opt for the SaaS-based model or not. And as a result, businesses have now understood that SaaS model can help them boost their productivity and revenue.

Lower Costs

Since SaaS-based applications are subscription based and don’t need heavy capital investments in building IT infrastructure, they are cost-effective as well. Businesses don’t need to purchase any additional license or hardware to access cloud-based applications.


Going with a survey report from Microsoft, it can be noted that 41% of small companies using cloud technologies have marked direct sales and/or business growth. This is all because of the advanced tools that streamline and automate workflow, allow collaboration, mobility and ensure less downtime.

Easy Accessibility

SaaS applications can be accessed from any web-enabled device. This allows your business employees to make an instant response to customer requests, as soon as they arise, regardless of their current location. Most of the SaaS based applications can be accessed from smartphone and tablets, hence offering a greater work environment flexibility.

Easy Upgrades

While using subscription based SaaS applications, you don’t need to worry about managing updates and upgrades. The SaaS provider will look after the upgrade process, as per the availability. You even don’t need to purchase additional hardware, software or bandwidth with growing business needs.

Easy Customization & Integration

SaaS-based applications can be easily customized as per the individual business needs and requirements. Also, they can be easily integrated with other third-party business productivity and ERP systems, which are currently being used at your working base.