Office Hoteling in 2022: Reimagining Remote Workspaces in High-end Hotels


By Amit Prasad on February 24, 2022

The pandemic has led to many changes in business and society. The concept of office hoteling has become a viable solution to making the workplace more efficient. Here’s a look at why your business should consider office hoteling and the benefits of investing in hot desk booking software.

What is Office Hoteling System?

Office hoteling is the practice of allowing managers and employees to reserve workspace. Once they arrive at the office, they can begin working immediately in a room with a desk and premium Wi-Fi. This idea creates greater flexibility in workspace allocation.

Leading hotels now offer special packages for businesses to use their facilities. Instead of working from home, managers and employees can work from a hotel room. The term ‘workcation’ has emerged to characterize this experience as a business travel trend during the pandemic.

Hotel giant Marriott conducted a survey wherein 42 percent of the participants said they would consider booking a package that allows them to work from a hotel. Many people would consider it for the sake of getting better Wi-Fi. Others like the idea because of the different scenery that gives them the feeling of being on vacation.

Benefits of Office Hoteling for:


Employees can benefit from office hoteling in multiple ways. They can focus on work all day in a dedicated workspace, use high-quality Wi-Fi and get discounts on dining and parking. They also get access to a gym, pool, and spa for leisure time after work. By staying the night in a hotel, the worker can avoid wasting time in traffic jams and focus on using time more effectively.

Some hotels offer packages for a month or more. Hilton has created a package for meeting the needs of remote workers. It includes access to a large desk and workspace with enhanced Wi-Fi, besides food and lodging credits.

Facility Managers

Managers can enjoy the same benefits of office hoteling- allocating office space more efficiently and saving time. The Hyatt’s Office for the Day Package provides 12 hours of dedicated workspace from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., starting at $65 per day, which is less than half of the cost of staying the night. The package includes food and beverage credits, making it a comfortable all day or overnight experience.

How to Choose the Best Desk Hoteling Software

If you choose to implement the work-from-hotel concept, you’ll need software supporting an office hoteling system. At QuickFMS, our hot desking mobile app can make scheduling and reservations simple from any location at any time. Our cloud-based software is designed to empower businesses to schedule and use meeting facilities already set up for comfort, lodging, food, and amenities.

Request a free demo today to see how our app offers features of desk hoteling, enabling you and your employees to reserve any desired remote workspace on iOS and Android devices.

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