QuickFMS Amazes Over 40 Global Delegates at IndiaSoft 2017


By Amit Prasad on February 16, 2017

It always lifts up the morale of a team, when they see other businesses expressing their confidence in the company they work for. This was one of the major reasons that Amit Prasad, the CEO of QuickFMS, decided to participate in IndiaSoft 2017. Our team demonstrated our facility management business model to over 40 different delegates coming from different countries. The response that we got from the international market was overwhelming.

Naveen Goud, DGM Sales at SatNav Technologies (which happens to be the parent company of QuickFMS), had a great experience representing us at the event. “Most of them expressed interest in our partnership program, they will explore QuickFMS in their local markets and work with us to help achieve our business goals, making it win-win. Besides this, there was lot of networking activity interacting with delegates from different countries, exchanging business ideas,” said Naveen, brimming with enthusiasm.

Many companies and exhibitors from across the world came forward and expressed their interest in our partnership model. They plan to take our cloud based facility management services to their clients. They believe automating their facilities will help the businesses save a great deal.

QuickFMS at Indiasoft 2017 Event

What made us stand out at the event was the Foosball game. We facilitated it with the idea of combining fun with business. Foreign delegates had great time at our booth and they really seemed to appreciate our team’s thoughtfulness behind the arrangements done. After the event, our team looked more confident and enthusiastic.

Every IT firm in India must participate in IndiaSoft. There is a huge world of opportunities in the global market for IT businesses based in India. This event is organized each year by ESC India. It acts as a platform for the businesses from different countries to reach out and collaborate with each other. The exchange of ideas among the delegates helps the businesses learn and grow. One of the biggest benefits of this particular event is that it allows self-assessment to the businesses. Feedback from the delegates from outside countries help businesses judge whether:

  • Their product/service matches the international standards
  • Their business idea has the acceptance in the global market
  • There is any scope of improvement in the business model

Our team came back with a feedback that most delegates found our service very unique. They were totally amazed by our seed concept and were very positive about introducing us to their market. We are all proudly reassured that we infallibly match the international standards and post IndiaSoft 2017 our team is all the more motivated to keep providing topnotch services.

IndiaSoft2017 QuickFMS Certificate