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QuickFMS Amazes Students as well as Scientists at the Indo-Global Education Summit & Expo 2017


By Amit Prasad on August 2, 2017

To compete successfully in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st Century, QuickFMS participated in Indo-Global Education Summit & Expo 2017, a unique event organized by the Indus Foundation (a non-profit trust) truly focussed on collaboration with foreign universities & student recruitment.

The Summit & Expo 2017 had sessions on skill development and academe – industry collaboration. Also, separate sessions for student recruitment. Mr. Amit Prasad, our MD & CEO of QuickFMS was invited as an honourable speaker to address the gathering from higher ranks including Vice-Chancellors, Directors, Principals, Provosts, Deans, Dept. Heads, Faculties, Scientists, Researchers, Trustees, Correspondents, Government Officials, Students and others connected with higher education. This session from the very successful entrepreneur, Mr. Amit Prasad with his extensive, amazing & innovative way of looking at opportunities left a lasting impression in broadening their horizons.

SatNav Technologies (which happens to be the parent company of QuickFMS) was represented by Naveen Goud, DGM Sales & Rachel Paul, DGM Corporate Sales of our core team. They had an excellent experience interacting with students of various institutions who were inquisitive to know the different features of QuickFMS; and is expected to have mutually supportive & synergetic effect. Also, had the opportunity to explore business ventures with other startups & entrepreneurs.

Undoubtedly QuickFMS once again, stood out as an evolving exceptional product matching international standards & was identified as unique with its distinctive features among other participants from education, business & government sectors around the world who took part in the Summit & Expo.


Certificate by The Indus Foundation