How QuickFMS Remote Working Software Is Vital for Companies During COVID Lockdown


By Amit Prasad on May 25, 2021

Most offices are going through a transition due to the pandemic, and many businesses are making their first moves into remote work and consolidating work in a single place. With governments planning to implement full or partial lockdowns once again and businesses struggling to keep track of their infrastructure, remote working software like QuickFMS plays a vital role in maintaining adequate productivity levels while simultaneously enhancing the efficiency of employees. By implementing an easy-to-use Cloud Software like QuickFMS, companies can digitize their existing set of offerings. This, in turn, can also supplement their legacy processes with newer and innovative ways to address the remote workforce management of monitoring the offices and branches spread across the country.

Remote Working Software

QuickFMS provides secure remote access to critical property lease and real estate data stored centrally in the secured environment. It helps the central office team remotely track utility expenses across properties and locations, implement any changes or recommendations for energy and operational savings.

Branch Performance Monitoring Software

Using branch performance monitoring software from QuickFMS allows your admin or facilities team to create numerous checklists virtually. These can immediately help figure out whether a branch is facing any difficulty, thereby speeding up the resolution process. A typical example of using virtual workspace software in the current scenario would be to supervise the sanitation of the branch by creating a hygiene checklist with defined parameters on a timely basis.

Seat Management Software

QuickFMS Seat Management Software helps companies manage and address their office seat management challenges remotely during this pandemic and later. Using a digital floor map helps the Admin or Facilities team get first-hand information on the inventory of their workplace, visualizing who sits where, vacant space, etc. Shift management resolves to accommodate more people at the same time. Respective departments can decide who needs to be in the office during a particular day or a week and who all can remain working from home. Employees who are required in the office on a need basis can use an advance seat booking app of the remote employee management software to block their hotdesk seats. This can significantly reduce the real estate costs for the companies.

The remote working software from QuickFMS has helped organizations completely automate the entire asset management life cycle, including procurement, requisitions, purchase orders, quotations or contracts, invoice generation, and vendor management.

If you feel QuickFMS as a remote office monitoring software will help your organization adopt a hybrid model of WFO and WFH, please contact us to share more insights on the same.

Remote Working Software