QuickFMS Wins Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards For Business Process Management Software


By Amit Prasad on February 23, 2017

We are pleased to announce that QuickFMS was awarded with 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Experience Award by FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories. Our continuously evolving nature and commitment to better serve our customers has what made us capable to get these awards.

Over the past few years, QuickFMS has been successful in providing industry specific products that are designed to meet specific needs of different departments. We release latest technology updates every three months and perform periodic live updates according to the customer’s feedback. That’s what experts at FinancesOnline found impressive and highlighted in their QuickFMS review.

Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards

Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards

The Rising Star Award is usually given to a new SaaS product that is new in the market but has already influenced the customers by providing efficient services. While the Great User Experience Award is given to quality BPM software products that offer good user experience, have well-designed interface, and are easy to use and implement. The experts at FinancesOnline were impressed by QuickFMS product modules that can be customized to address the unique needs of your business. QuickFMS has been providing features and capabilities businesses need for smooth and seamless facilities management experience.

Verified Quality Seal

Apart from Rising Star and Great User Experience awards, QuickFMS earned Verified Quality Seal from FinancesOnline. Quality Seal is usually given to the best SaaS software that passes quality standards set by experts. FinancesOnline experts evaluated QuickFMS thoroughly to check whether the product meets all the quality requirements of being the most trusted and efficient facility management software. The unique features and benefits of QuickFMS has helped us get this Quality Seal. In addition to that, our system was also featured as one of the leading BPM solutions according to FinancesOnline experts.

We accepted the awards and quality seal with great pleasure and will strive to provide great user experience and 100% customer satisfaction in the future as well. We promise to offer even more outstanding services and advanced features to stay ahead of our competitors and deliver great and quality results to our current and prospective clients. QuickFMS is committed to provide the best solution for improving the productivity and efficiency of your organization.