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Role of Facility Management Software in Your Business


By Amit Prasad on October 27, 2016

What is facility management software?

Facility Management software is the IT-supported facility management system. It helps Facility Managers at the organizations to optimally utilize their assets and reduce space. As a result, the organization is able to save a huge cost of maintenance and gain overall efficiency.

  1. Let’s first understand what we mean by facility management.

  2. Running a business involves several functions and aspects that are managed on a day-to-day basis. This includes people, process, places as well as the technologies. Facility management has come up as a distinct sector of business management. It encompasses the integration of all major business aspects to meet the objective of improved efficiency at an organization.

  3. The two major functions of facility management are:

    • Space and infrastructure management: This largely covers work-space, supply sites, lease, planning & operation, cleaning, maintenance, safety, security, work supplies, furniture etc.
    • People and organization: Human resource, accounting, marketing, communication, IT, hospitality, work environment etc. are covered under this function.

    Managing these interrelated areas of business manually on an everyday basis can be a difficult task. It may even create a lot of confusion due to lack of a centralized system. Moreover, if a full-fledged Facility Management team is appointed, the company may incur huge costs as well. Especially, if the organization is medium or large-sized, the facility management decisions play an essential role in business growth. It ensures the effective and efficient management of the processes and operations of the business.

    This is the reason why Business Heads or CIOs look for IT aided Facility Management system. It is relatively inexpensive and generates effective results. A single individual can be able to manage a wide range of tasks across the facilities in an organization. These tasks may be organizing payroll, updating employee data, booking the meeting room, live status & record of clients etc. There is an endless list of tasks.

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  4. How does facility management software benefit your business?

    • FMS Can be Customized: Different organizations follow different processes and have varied needs. Facility Management software can be tailored to devise only the programs that are required by a particular organization. With Facility Management software, organizations are able to choose the exact tools that are enough to meet their needs. They need not pay for programs that their business does not require at all.
    • Mobile Control: With the help of Facility Management software, the Facility Managers can oversee the business operations. They can control and coordinate even when they are out of office. They can manage facilities from any distant location. Besides, the users can access the software from multiple devices like desktops, laptops, tabs etc.
    • Multi-city Operations: Facility Management software helps in mobile control of all the facilities from a remote location. So it also makes multi-city operations easier. A company with branches at multiple locations can centrally manage its facilities. It saves them a lot of capital investment.
    • Cost-Effective: As mentioned earlier, Facility management software is cheaper than a dedicated team to manage facilities. It requires one-time investment that in return offers greater value. It’s also highly cost effective because there are very few hands to be paid.
    • Improved Overall Efficiency: The organization is certainly going to achieve higher overall efficiency with intelligent technologies. A single person or a team of few members can easily manage the facilities across the business. Moreover, it even saves time and of course, brings down the costs too.
  5. Does your business require facility management software?

  6. Management and maintenance of a facility requires a lot of efforts and coordination. It includes several complex processes regardless of the size and scale of your business. It’s a time-consuming process. And, if you deploy a full-time team for these tasks, it would incur a huge cost. Instead, if businesses opt for Facility Management software, they will be able to save a lot of time as well as money. The surplus time and money can be effectively channelized towards other areas of business growth.

    Business management and Plan

    As mentioned before, the Facility Management software can be tailored as per the business specific needs. The software can also be scalable to meet the future needs of the business. Businesses can choose what tools and modules they want in the software. Eventually, they can control its costs too.

    Regardless of business size and scale of operation, Facility Management software always proves to be beneficial for the growth of your company.

  7. How to choose the right facility management software for Your business?

  8. To choose the right facility management software, you must ask for a trial package to ensure the following factors:

    • Analyze if it actually benefits the business
    • Is it actually saving costs and time?
    • Is it effective and efficient enough to help in the growth of a business?
    • Is it really capable of taking up multiple responsibilities?
    • Is the software user-friendly? Can a layman easily use it?
    • Software must be so designed that multiple employees can access it simultaneously

    Now, analyze which works best among all and choose the one which produces the most efficient and effective results.

    In the current business scenario, the digitalization is pacing up. Therefore, Facility Management software has a pivotal role to play in the growth of the business. To enable the business reach greater heights, Facility Management software becomes imperative for the organization.

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