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6 Office Automation Tools That Will Increase Productivity by 32%


By Amit Prasad on October 6, 2022

Technology can have a considerable impact on the day-to-day operations of office administration. According to research, over 80% of organization leaders report that they are speeding up work process automation and expanding their use of remote work.

“Automation is driving the decline of banal and repetitive tasks,” says Amber Rudd. With this, employees will be able to enhance their personal relations, quality judgment, and creativity without wasting time.

Your business can improve significantly by utilizing office automation tools such as swapping out file cabinets for shared drives, memos for emails, and employee timesheet stamping for biometrics.

What is an Office Automation System?

An office automation system is a process of using hardware and software solutions to categorically streamline office-related tasks, all the while maximizing productivity. It is a system that efficiently gathers, organizes, stores, analyzes, and distributes confidential data around multiple systems for smoother functioning of processing routine, repetitive tasks.

The office automation system allows the flawless and error-free flow of data without human intervention. Employee time is greatly reduced, allowing them to concentrate on more difficult activities that require their attention, hence opening up your business’s potential for new possibilities.

“Whatever you are studying right now, if you are not getting up to speed on deep learning, neural networks, etc., you lose. We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate automation.”, says Mark Cuban.

Major Benefits of Utilizing an Office Automation System

  • Streamlined communications resulted in faster resolutions

    Humans are prone to making errors. These errors increase with proportion to workload. With an office automation tool, you can reduce the chance of human errors caused by your employees. This will increase work efficiency and reduce resource requirements to complete routine tasks.

    Office automation tools help increase teamwork by streamlining communication between teams or departments and work processes. With enhanced teamwork, increased productivity and time-saving become possible.

  • Automated repetitive jobs and reduces errors

    One of the major benefits of office automation systems is that they help to reduce tedious and time-consuming processes with an organized procedure. These procedures further help to reduce manual efforts to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

  • Creation of a centralized data access platform

    It also helps to create a centralized cloud-based data storage, manipulation, and access platform. With this platform, it becomes convenient and secure for everyone to facilitate quick data exchange by integrating your workplace database.

  • Get accurate performance metric analysis and reports

    A good office automation tool helps organize and regulate all important data efficiently. With the help of this tool, it’s possible to get an accurate performance metric analysis and reports in a short amount of time error-free.

  • Ensures security

    A major benefit of an office automation system is that it provides security against any internal or external threats while assisting offices with data backup and recovery options. With proper cloud-based safety features, this will protect delicate information regarding your business and employees.

Top 6 Most Required Office Automation Tools

“Clearly, the most unfortunate people are those who must do the same thing over and over again, every minute, or perhaps twenty to the minute. They deserve the shortest hours and the highest pay.”, says John Kenneth Galbraith.

With a proper office automation tool, these objectives become possible. Listed below are a few office automation tools that can help increase your employees’ efficiency and work quality.

  • Branch Performance Daily Tracking

    It’s essential to have a reliable, simple, interconnected networking facility for a continuous flow of communication and collaboration across various branches. Along with meeting all communication demands and providing ticketing services, it aids in organizing and supervision. Using QuickFMS’ Branch Management Software, you can centralize your organization’s entire communication and operation from the head office. You can also provide feedback on the regional and branch office teams that will help them create a positive workplace environment.

  • Hot Desk Booking

    Automation software for scheduling office seats saves employees a ton of time by enabling them to book seats prior to coming to the office. This not only improves the productivity & efficiency of the employees but also makes a return-to-office transition easier. By using Hot Desk Booking Software, you can meet the requirements of all the needs of employees and make them adapt to the hybrid working environment.

  • Maintenance Management

    A well-integrated office automation system keeps an organization in top condition. With QuickFMS Maintenance Management Software, manage your office, and save time, cost, and resources optimally without much trouble. Solve all your issues regarding facility and equipment problems with our software module.

  • Asset Management

    Having an asset management tool is extremely necessary to keep track of your inventory, which consists of your physical and consumable assets within your organization. Our Asset Management Software will help you keep track of all your assets that are mapped at the employee level with precision. With this software, you can efficiently regulate asset availability and distribution.

  • Office Space Management & Utilization

    Managing office space has become a major problem at the current time. Here, an automation tool is needed that can help manage an organization’s available space with efficiency. With QuickFMS Office Space Management Software, effectively manage your organization space. The tool can help you keep a clear track of your space utilization and management in real-time and optimize it for maximum utilization.

  • Help Desk Solutions

    Handling complaints and finishing service requests are one of the major features of an office automation system. Help Desk Management Software helps in raising and resolving service requests and complaints regarding any issues within the organization. With this office automation tool, you can deal with complaints in a structured and organized manner. The software is beneficial for all types of business sizes and provides support to them.

    Office automation is essential for both routine automatic company operations as well as optimization of manual operations. By automating a number of management functions, you can easily save time and money since they can assist with a wide range of routine administrative tasks.

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