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How Space and Move Management Software Helps in Office Relocation


By Amit Prasad on February 14, 2020

When you are relocating from one place to another, it is difficult to keep track of your own belongings. Consider a situation when you are tasked to manage office relocation, which can be exponentially more difficult. In such a situation, you should consider getting help from space and move management software that will take care of all your planning, communication, logistics, and space utilization.

Situations When You Should Use Space and Move Management Software Service

Here are five indications when you should seek the help of space management software service for your next office move:

  1. You Have a Large Workforce

    Managing an office relocation with dozens of employees is easy, but with a few hundred is a complicated task. You need a good software module to make sure that the belongings of each employee go to the right floor and department. Move management software can help you move all the goods in an organized manner.

  2. Ongoing Office Construction

    If you are moving to a new office that requires construction or renovation, space management software can help you design office for maximum space utilization. Space management software can provide floor layout drawings and suggestions to optimize your existing space. It can also work as a communication tool that will allow you to share floor layout and other useful data with construction managers and vendors working on the site.

  3. Unable to Plan a Budget

    Sometimes, you may find it difficult to plan a budget for an office move, design, or construction. Space and move management software can provide you a clear layout of new office space and suggestions to effectively utilize your employee and resources into it. You will have a rough estimate of how much the new construction and office move will cost.

  4. In High-Stakes Situation

    When you are managing the office move, there is a lot of pressure to work within the deadline. You can easily go over budget due to construction delays, fine from the current landlord for not vacating the property in time, and rent of the new property. Move management software can keep you updated with real-time progress of office relocation to help you prevent any high-stakes situation.

  5. You Have a Lot of Inventory

    An office may have file cabinets full of records, expensive and delicate equipment, computers, and other electronic devices that need to be carefully moved to the new office. Move management software can easily assess your inventory and provide you valuable information that will help you determine how to move it to the new workplace safely.

Corporate move management service providers use advanced space and move management software to plan a new office layout and manage logistics of your move.

Why You Should Choose QuickFMS Space and Move Management Software

QuickFMS space and move management software can assist you with every aspect of an office relocation. Using our software, you will be able to see your office in real-time and make adjustments accordingly. Our software also features a drag and drop move management tool that can help you plan office move in a fraction of time.

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