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Conference Room Management Software: Why It Is Important for Organizations

Business enterprises across the globe leverage the information age, they have now replaced manual, error-prone methods to advanced and cloud-based conference room management software.

The conference room management software provides business organizations with in-depth insights, real-time data so that they can make efficient business decisions and improve their service. It improves space utilization, collaboration, productivity, and every other factor which is critical for a growing organization.

A Bridge between Availability & Need

Conference management software empowers business organizations to track which rooms and areas in their facility are being used more often, and which remain underutilized. This will allow your facility managers to effectively manage and fulfill the requirements of your workforce. In this way, the conference and meeting rooms will be used accordingly.

Room Reporting

Sometimes, it becomes frustrating when people don’t turn up for their meeting in spite of early booking. This makes the workplace unavailable and underutilized. Space management software with advanced capabilities allows you to track no-shows, identify employees who are repeat offenders, and enforce sanctions that reduce wasted conference room time and boost a more professional work environment.

Track Resource Usage

Whether it is catering or video conferencing tools, conference room management software allows you to track and manage all those important resources that are required for your business meetings, and you can track what has been used so that you can plan more effectively in the future.

Enhanced Productivity & Cost Saving

Integrating space management software can enhance the overall business productivity and efficiency. According to a research report, if your business has a workforce of 1,000 employees working 250 days a year, you can save up to $1.8 million, from which you can hire additional 20 employees.

Enhanced Facility Management with Integration Capabilities

Conference management software has the advanced capabilities to be integrated with other business software solutions, such as asset management solution or space management software. With this powerful integration, your facility managers can have in-depth insights and visibility into workplace utilization data. It also supports seamless data transfer.

With advanced reporting and analytics features, facilities managers can leverage conference room management software to turn data into actionable insights. They can seamlessly make adjustments to conference room bookings, adjust cleaning schedules, and identify trends in how the workforce uses conference room equipment.

Manage Hospitality Costs

With conference room management software, your facilities managers can track and manage all the hospitality costs from catering, entertainment to staff costs. The managers can accurately invoice costs or share data of internal charging to the finance team, and also allow you to plan for what costs might be required in the future.

Altogether, conference room management software has various benefits for business organizations. However, the right customization and deployment are essential to leverage all the potential of one such space management software.

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Top 5 Reasons to Implement Web Based Facility Management Software

Implementing facility management software at your working base offers a number of added benefits. An advanced facility management solution will allow you to save quality time and efforts spent on planning and controlling your facility’s day-to-day workflow and maintenance tasks. As a result, it allows your business setup to boost productivity and reduce equipment downtime significantly.

If you are looking for a complete facility management software solution, you can choose between two different types of software; on-premise based and web-based. Both of them have their own advantages and limitations. However, web-based facility management software is the first choice of modern businesses today.

What is the difference? An on-premise based facility management software will be hosted on your company’s owned servers, where you yourself will be responsible for maintenance and technical support. On the other side, web-based facility management software are distributed over the internet, for which you don’t have to own and maintain dedicated servers.

There are many more reasons for why web-based facility management software is considered as a better option over the on-premise model. Let’s have a close look at the top 5 reasons to choose a web-based facility management software.

# 1 It’s simple and easy While implementing or using a web-based facility management software, you don’t have to worry about setting up a costly IT infrastructure. The software provider will look after each and every aspect, including setup, security, consistency, backup, upgrade and technical support as well. This software distribution model allows you to spend less on hiring an in-house IT team for these tasks.

# 2 Mobile Accessibility A web-based facility allows you to connect with your office anytime and anywhere. It’s like carrying your office everywhere. All you need is a compatible hardware device and an internet connection. Today, most of the web-based facility management software have dedicated mobile applications, allowing you to access the software data on smartphone and tablets.

# 3 Centralized Database A web-based facility management software keeps all your data at one place. It ensures that all your data is centralized and easily accessible over the web from any compatible device. It’s safe, secured and password protected. You don’t have to carry any crucial or confidential data on your computer or laptop. Everything would be made available within few seconds, without compromising with the security standards.

# 4 Security Storing any confidential business data on laptops, external hard disks, pen drives or any other external mass storage solution is never safe. Laptops or external hard drives can be stolen, or they might just corrupt one day. Also, creating regular backups manually is a tough task to do.

This is where; web-based facility management software comes as a savior. All your confidential data stored in a web-based facility management software is highly secured, backed-up daily and uses enterprise-class servers in multiple highly-secured data centers.

# 5 Regular Updates On-premise based facility management software requires manual efforts to check, download and install system updates, which is not the case with web-based software solutions. They get updated automatically, ensuring that you’re always using the latest and greatest version of facility management software.

QuickFMS to Attend IFMA India FM Congress 2015

The great minds behind QuickFMS, an advanced facilities management software, were invited to attend the FM Congress 2015, one of India’s largest symposium on facility management organized by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). This event was held on 31st July 2015, at Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, India. Mr. JayeshRanjan,IAS, Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (ITE&C) Department, Government of Telangana was the chief guest for this event.

QuickFMS was immensely proud to be associated with this event, where our team members participated in the expert panel discussions held. QuickFMS was represented by Amit Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO (QuickFMS), SelvamuthiahSomasundaram, Co-Founder & Senior Vice President (QuickFMS) and Arpitha S. Rao, Co-Founder & General Manager (QuickFMS). Where, Mr. Somasundaram was also a part of the expert panel for a segment discussing the “Innovation in FM”.

Amit Prasad at FM Congress India 2015

FM Congress provides an excellent platform for successful and highly experienced professionals, where they unambiguously share ideas, knowledge, and network with like minded professionals of Facility Management Industry. This event was a great opportunity for professionals to come forward and share their views about the changing trends and dynamics of the Facility Management Industry.

About International Facility Management Association [IFMA] is the largest and most widely recognized professional asociation for facility management, which was established in 1980. This international association has 134 regional chapters and 17 industry/interest-specific councils worldwide, with supporting 24,000 members in 105 countries.

IFMA aims to empower facility professionals to improve and bring significant excellence in their facility, team, workplace and project management. IFMA organizes various educational, informational, knowledge sharing programs, events and conferences, where experienced professionals from Facility Management industry share a common platform to share new ideas and strategies that lead to professional and industry growth.