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Combining the Power of SaaS and Facility Management

The Software as a service (SaaS) deployment model needs no introduction today. It’s the most reliable software distribution model, where the application is hosted by the vendor and the customers or users access it over the internet network. SaaS ensures secured access to the software and its functionalities from any part of the globe as a web-based service.The user needs a compatible device and an internet connection to access the features of the software application anytime and anywhere.

The SaaS model is also beneficial for small and medium businesses. As it allows them to access high-end business functionalities without paying much for the software license. Mostly available with a monthly fee subscription option, SaaS requires no additional hardware installation. As a result, businesses don’t need huge capital investment for IT infrastructure installation and its maintenance.

Benefits of SaaS:
  1. Scalability
  2. High-Security & Reliability
  3. Automatic Updates
  4. Easy Collaboration & Integration
  5. Easy Administration
  6. Cost Effectiveness

SaaS and Facility Management Facility management requires focus and attention round-the-clock, as it’s a reactive process, where anything can happen anytime. The person responsible for facility management needs to be very quick and should respond within least possible time, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Combing the power of SaaS and facility management will do miracles for any business organization. With a facility management software based on the SaaS model, your can access any information you want within few seconds.

QuickFMS is an innovative facility management software, which leverages SaaS deployment model to offer a highly-advanced and all-in-one facility management solution. To access QuickFMS, all you need is a web-browser or a smart device and internet connection, after which you can simplify facility management with ease. This suggests that you can access QuickFMS from any part of the sphere without any fuss. This cloud-based facility management software has been added with different product modules, where each of them has its unique usability.

QuickFMS empowers business enterprises and organizations to have a complete control over the infrastructure management, and that too in a better and precise way. With the added facility management tools and features, we help in improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the employees as well as the management staff by automating the facility management processes. We offer a complete facility management solution, which could address all your requirements.

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