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7 Benefits of IWMS for Corporate Real Estate

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is a software solution that helps in real estate management and facility management. It helps organizations and businesses to optimize the workplace resources and manage real estate portfolio. It provides solutions that help in managing every aspect of real estate, right from running a corporate real estate portfolio to achievement of sustainable objectives.

IWMS is a software platform that includes 5 key components – real estate management, facilities management, project management, environment and maintenance management. IWMS is important for organizations looking for high quality and reliable management information to reduce real estate costs and to increase productivity and efficiency.

Here are the 7 Benefits of Integrated Workplace Management System:

  1. Helps in Business Decisions
    It is important to make quick and right decision in today’s business world. Instead of relying on Excel spreadsheets, facility managers can use IWMS which provides real-time and accurate information and helps them make better and informed decisions.
  2. Provides Transparency
    It would cause great risk to the business compliance and continuity if you are not aware of your portfolio, its size and value, lease contracts and planned maintenance. IWMS creates a structured and standardized data repository, which provides transparency in all the processes and lets you make more informed business decisions.
  3. Increases Efficiency
    Though office spaces, workplaces, facilities and meeting rooms seem to be fully utilized, you only utilize 50 to 60% of them. IWMS helps in analyzing and measuring the utilization of the resources, eliminates facilities and spaces that under-perform, thus ensures effective use of resources and improves efficiency.
  4. Reduces Costs
    Decisions about renewing leases, constructing a new building and decreasing or increasing property inventory involve cost. IWMS helps in reducing cost directly or indirectly. There is 10-15% reduction in space cost due to effective space management, 5-8% reduction in lease costs due to efficient lease management and 5-8% reduction due to process improvement.
  5. Ensures Compliance
    There is a great need for compliance and reporting in areas like maintenance, health and safety, security and lease accounting. You need a strong and structured documentation in case of any audit. IWMS helps in ensuring compliance in case of any legal issue.
  6. Provides Fast and Accurate Reports
    IWMS helps in centralizing all the data into one place and as it’s in real time, it provides up-to-date and accurate information quickly. It also allows creating specific reports based on future forecasts and historical trends that are crucial for company’s needs.
  7. Streamlines all the processes
    IWMS makes the job easier by streamlining all the processes for facility management, asset management, space management. It communicates information throughout the organization which helps in making real estate decisions. It also helps in strategic planning and reporting by making it more accurate.

How to Select the Right Workplace Management Solution

The need for efficiently managed business facility, enhanced productivity and sustainability has made it important for every business organization to utilize innovative technologies like advanced business automation software solutions. This is why; choosing a right workplace management solution is the next wise step for your business enterprise.

When it comes to choosing the right software solution for your business organization, you can easily get confused with so many different options available in the market. You can either choose a complex program that’s difficult to integrate, or the one which is simple and easy. However, it all depends on your business requirements and existing hardware infrastructure.

For your assistance, we are presenting a list of top qualities or criteria that you need to look out for while selecting the right workplace management software solution.

# 1 Accessibility It is a well-known fact that a cloud-based workplace management software offers better accessibility, when compared to an on-premise software. Also, most of the cloud-based software solutions provide mobile accessibility, which is not available with the on-premise software model. Hence, it is always recommended to select a cloud-based workplace management software.

To know more about the difference between On-Premise and On-Cloud software model, Click Here: On-Cloud vs. On-Premise.

# 2 Intuitive A workplace management software should always be convenient and easy to use. It should support an easy-to-understand and intuitive interface, which doesn’t require long training sessions. You can find various types of integrated workplace management software solutions, which can be seamlessly deployed at your working base.

With an intuitive workplace management solution, your business employees can easily understand the program tools and features in very less time.

# 3 Security Security is one of the biggest concerns that you need to look at. No business organization will ever want its important and confidential data to reach in inappropriate and unauthorized hands. This is where; advanced security features are going to support the software solution. Hence, always take added security features as a priority while selecting your workplace management solution.

# 4 Comprehensive No matter how big or small your business organization is, you should always prefer selecting an all-in-one workplace management software solution, which includes all the aspects of facility management. It should also allow you to generate reports within a few seconds of time, which is very helpful while analyzing various aspects and making quick business decisions.

# 5 ROI The next aspect that you should notably analyze after your workplace management solution has been successfully implemented is the ROI. It is a well-known fact that a workplace management solution is beneficial for your business organization in a variety of ways. But, you need to figure out whether the capital investment on one such solution is fruitful or not. However, you can easily opt for a customized workplace management solution at an affordable price.

# 6 Scalability With the growing competition, your business requirements are always changing with time. Also, during business expansions you will definitely wish to access new and enhanced features of the workplace management solution. So moving forward always select a workplace management solution that offers scalability, and can easily grow with time.

# 7 Product Support Once everything is sorted out, check whether the software vendor offers round-the-clock technical support post software deployment or not. Technical and product support is always needed post software implementation. Hence, always prefer the one which offers complete support and assistance post deployment.

Considering the array of options available, you must be very careful while selecting an integrated workplace management software. However, don’t forget to refer to these six points while making your decision.