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3 Tips to Transform Your Facilities Maintenance Management


By Amit Prasad on December 22, 2021

Facilities maintenance management covers multiple disciplines to ensure the effective functioning and safety of your workplace by integrating place, people, and technology. During this time of pandemic-induced economic uncertainty, when employees are returning to work, facilities managers are responsible for identifying, planning, and delivering a safe workplace that would keep the employees as well as their bottom line safe and thriving.

Here are three tips to transform your facility maintenance management for greater efficiency:

  1. Invest in Cloud-based Solutions

    Facilities managers are constantly engaged in performing activities like maintenance, taking care of repairs, or installing new machinery. They are rarely at their desk but are constantly looking into service requests at all your locations.

    So cloud-based facilities maintenance software is important. With a cloud-based solution, your facilities management team can easily manage workloads, check the status of repairs, and get real-time insights into performances.

  2. Streamline Requests Through Mobile App

    Your facilities management team needs an employee mobile app that allows the employees to submit and track their service requests. If it’s difficult to submit service tickets, employees tend to ignore the problem or fix it themselves, leading to bigger issues.

    But with a mobile service request app, they can easily see the status of their work order and can even receive immediate notifications when the request is complete. It also simplifies the process of managing work orders.

  3. Opt for Integrated Workplace Management System

    Facilities managers cannot operate in a vacuum. To work efficiently, they have to cooperate with the IT, HR, and other departments. That’s why they need to be part of a larger technological ecosystem, such as an integrated workplace management system or IWMS.

    IWMS allows facility managers to communicate and share data across the various departments. It can also be integrated with space management software and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to track the actual space utilization, which helps you develop your return-to-work strategy while maintaining social distance in your workplace.

Transform Your Facilities Maintenance Management with QuickFMS

If your workplace has reopened during the pandemic, your facilities management team is probably the busiest. Luckily, QuickFMS’s maintenance management software can make things easier for you. With our cloud-based tool, you can easily manage your facilities and operations, saving time, resources, and expenses. For more information on facilities maintenance management, contact us today!

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