Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Business Facility


By Amit Prasad on December 25, 2016

With only a few days remaining to enter the New Year, it’s time to look back at the past, and most importantly towards the coming year. And it’s also the time to make New Year resolutions, which are fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain. Every New Year, millions of people across the globe make New Year resolutions, but only a few percentage of them actually maintain the resolutions.

Making a New Year resolution is one the best ways to stay focused and follow a strict path towards an improvement or positive change, which you want to see in yourself.

New Year Resolutions for Business Facility

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make and maintain New Year resolutions, which aim towards improving day-to-day operations, boost productivity and increase profits.

Here are top 10 New Year’s resolutions for every business facility:
  1. Sustainable Development

    In the New Year, you might have business expansion planning in terms of infrastructure development and market presence. For every new construction project, make sure you are not harming the natural environment. If you need to clean up green fields or natural plants, make sure you plant new ones to ensure that sustainability is being followed at every step.
  2. Business Reporting

    Reporting is one of the most important and crucial components for any business facility. Accurate and accessible reports are very helpful for business facilities, when it is about making operational budgets. It is advisable to invest on an advanced web-based facility management software, which allows business facilities to generate quick business reports whenever needed and save quality time and efforts.
  3. Adoption of New Technology

    In the current era of technology excellence, we witness various new IT innovations and technology updates on a regular basis. Your business facility should make a resolution to stay updated with the latest business automation software solutions and IT infrastructure. This will empower your organization to remain strong in the business competition and stay ahead of time.
  4. Employee Safety

    Your employees are the one of the most precious business assets, whom you rely upon for various day-to-day business operations. Remember, it’s your employees who have the responsibility to ensure a smooth transition in the day-to-day business workflow. It is your responsibility to ensure that your business facility is equipped with all adequate safety features. Make a New Year resolution to make your business facility a safer place to work.
  5. Skill Development

    As your organization’s current workforce moves closer to their retirement age, you will be needing a new team to join your business facility. The demand for new facility maintenance team will be much higher than the job market can actually supply. Also, it is very hard to find perfection in the new employees, which the experience ones had. Your business facility must make a New Year resolution to review and revise the existing training programs and incorporate new technology and skills, which are currently tending in the market.
  6. Mobility

    For ensuring a smooth day-to-day business workflow, you must work on improving the mobility of your maintenance staff. This should be your next New Year resolution for your business facility. Reporting delays and unchecked repair jobs lead to less efficient operations. Implementing an advanced Cloud-based facility management software can help you in this direction.
  7. Move Toward Automation

    You can automate daily tasks that take most of your time and energy. Any repetitive work in your business can be automated which offers great benefits in terms of productivity and profit. Invest in the latest technology that helps you move towards automation. Use of cloud-based facility management software will help you organize and structure your business and will ensure maximum efficiency and performance.
  8. Make New Marketing Strategies

    You can make and test various marketing strategies to check what works and what doesn’t. Launch campaigns to target those customers who haven’t purchased your product recently. Test different versions of customer newsletter to see what type of content generates more leads. You can even launch social media campaign or a podcast. After testing various strategies, you will come to know what attracts your customers the most.
  9. Understand Your Business Finances

    Even if the accountant is handling your business finance, take out some time to understand the financial aspects of your business. Sit down with your accountant and learn about the cash flow statement or balance sheet. This will help you know how your business has performed over the last years and what can be done to improve the finances and increase the overall profit in the next year.
  10. Spend Time with Your People

    Do you spend time with your employees, customers or vendors? Meet them face-to-face to listen to their problems and see what’s working and what’s not. This will help you know a lot about your business. Try to understand their needs and make the necessary changes accordingly. This will also help you make strong relationships with your people who contribute a lot in the growth of your business.
Follow these New Year’s resolutions strictly to make your business more successful in the coming year.