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Why is Hot Desking Getting More Popular in Offices during COVID-19?


By Amit Prasad on October 29, 2020

There is an ancient purported Chinese curse that translates roughly to, “May you live in interesting times!” While there is no documented proof of this actually being a Chinese saying, it is a well-proven fact now that in late 2019 the Chinese tried to brush under the carpet the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus and carelessly allowed it to spread worldwide. Five million people are said to have left Wuhan before quarantine, with 400,000 of them having entered the US alone.

So what did all this result in? The whole world around us has changed in 2020. There is a completely ‘new normal’ in every country. Businesses came to a grinding halt, and lockdowns were imposed. When livelihood started becoming a larger concern than health, the lockdown started becoming Unlock, and now we keep getting new editions of that each month. As companies are now trying to get their employees back to work, Hot Desking is becoming a new mantra.

What exactly is Hot Desking?

Hot Desking is an office organization workspace system that involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or desk during different time slots. Desks are allocated to workers as per the requirement. Employees in the office now need to keep in mind that they need to maintain physical distancing and wear masks. Admin teams have to decide which floors to open and which ones to keep shut. The seating pattern needs a relook too. Where the distancing is not as per the suggested safety standards, companies need to block alternate seats to increase the gap between two employees. These criteria are now requiring some companies to call employees in multiple shifts.

The Necessity of Seat Allocation for Employees’ Safety

Rostering and shift allocation is, therefore, another new requirement for those who always felt that it was just a call center thing that they didn’t need to implement. How does an employee’s life change at the office? Apart from the safety and hygiene standards, they now also need to accept the fact that they might not have a permanent seat to go to. As employees drive to work, they need to open their mobile app, check which seats have been sanitized and are available that day, and book.

Hot Desking- A Part of the New Normal

The above changes to the earlier way of working are what I call the ‘new normal.’ For all we know, it is here to stay for a long time, even after mid-2021, when the vaccine has been launched, and its effectiveness is being gauged. Companies cannot afford to be lax in terms of employees’ health because it directly impacts their efficiency and business outcomes. A software application like QuickFMS and its Hot desking software can help in all the above scenarios and facilitate a quick return to the office.

Adopting QuickFMS’ Hot Desking Software for a Safer Workspace

So whether you are a CEO, CTO, CFO, or any other CxO, it’s time to ask your teams to adopt an innovative tool like the Hot desking module of QuickFMS, implement it at the earliest in your office. QuickFMS integrates the Hot desking tool, allowing companies to maintain a flexible, easily reconfigurable, and safe working space that can be used as per requirement, in keeping with the current times.

Show your employees that you care and that you are taking all precautions for their safety and well being as they trickle back to work in these various phases of unlock being announced by the Government. Human beings have survived the worst of times over their existence on this earth, so surely, this too shall pass!

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