Why Is Office Hoteling a Good Idea for Your Company?


By Amit Prasad on May 6, 2022

Office hoteling is a reservation-based style of office administration where employees book their use of workspaces (including desks, cubicles, equipment, and conference rooms) for a specified time that meets their working needs – before they arrive.

During the pandemic, when almost every employee worked from home and proved that they could do it well, many companies are now adopting “hybrid workplace” strategies to provide more flexibility and control to their employees. So, let’s see the benefits of office hoteling and some of the reasons why office hoteling is becoming so popular these days.

7 Benefits of Office Hoteling in the Workplace

Here are seven reasons why your organization should adopt office hoteling:

  1. Improves the Employee Experience

    Office hoteling encourages employees who work remotely to return to their “home base” more often. It takes them into the workplace, where they can mingle with coworkers and management face to face and immerse themselves in the company’s culture.

  2. Ensures Fair Access to Resources

    An office hoteling system levels the playing field by giving the management more control over workspaces, equipment, and other resources, ensuring that all of your employees have equal access to what they require.

  3. Encourages Collaboration and Teamwork

    People are more likely to collaborate with one another and form a team bond when space and resources are not assigned based on position and are instead made available to all employees as needed.

  4. Improves Office Space Utilization

    An office hoteling system eliminates unused workspaces and reduces the amount of space required to serve your personnel. You can utilize these spaces to upgrade your office and incorporate more common areas.

  5. Reduces Overhead Costs

    Rent, energy consumption, and utility bills can all be reduced if your company’s square footage is reduced. You can reinvest more capital into your firm if you spend less on rent and utilities.

  6. Office Space are Easier to Clean

    Office hoteling significantly reduces clutter as employees bring what they need for the day and don’t store it elsewhere. You can also install a smart locker system which can be accessed only with unique codes via a mobile app.

  7. Supports an Agile Workforce

    An office hoteling system allows you to quickly scale up or down as your organization relies more on contractors and consultants. This is especially important if your company’s revenue fluctuates seasonally.

How to Choose the Best Office Hoteling Software

You’ll need the best office hoteling software to successfully implement office hoteling. So, look for an office hoteling system that provides detailed statistics to spot patterns, such as peak hours when you have the highest percentage of occupied workstations during the day or week. This will allow you to predict demand and alter your office space to meet your employees’ demands.

With connected tools and insights from real-time data, QuickFMS office hoteling software allows you to create a flexible workplace now and in the future. You can use a mobile app to make it simple for employees to identify spaces, examine occupancy trends to boost space use, and even aid contact tracking by exporting reservation data as needed. Schedule a free demo of our office hoteling software.

Office Hoteling Benefits