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We all know how hard it has been operating in the current competitive business environment. Almost every business sector is facing competition, where IT & BPO, Healthcare, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG, and Education Institutions are no different. The growing operational and maintenance costs, the rising competition, and reducing profits are making it difficult for these organizations to nurture constant growth. The branch performance management software is an ‘all-in-one’ solution to all your facility management problems.

Branch Performance Management Software – Empowering Companies with Clear Benefits

Technology has been serving the Manufacturing, IT, BPO, Retail, FMCG, and other sectors wisely. From mobile banking to Online Shopping all have become easily accessible now. However, it must be noted that a lot of people still prefer to visit a banking/retail outlet/manufacturing location/branch office for various tasks. This portrays that these facilities and physical locations are still significant strategic assets for the respective organizations.

As a result, these organizations need to ensure that their facility operates efficiently to support their strategic goals. Whether it is serving new customers, expanding service offerings, or boosting employee or customer relationships, a well-managed facility is a must to ensure smooth functioning of the Organization and its branches. This is where the role of the advanced branch performance and a Checklist module comes in.

Branch Performance Tracking Software – The End to All Facilities Management Problems

The branch performance management software offers you peace of mind with a secured and strategic approach to keep your facilities running in the most optimized condition. It serves as a decision-making tool for higher management for their groups’ financial activities.

QuickFMS Branch Performance and Checklist module help centralize the entire Organization’s communication and operation from the head office and provides feedback to the Regional and Branch office team for any corrective measures.

The cloud-based branch management software helps you manage your organization’s offices and branches or facilities with ease. With the dedicated module, you can remotely have an in-depth view of how your offices and branches are performing in terms of the repetitive or one-time tasks that have to be completed on time. With advanced analytical tools, it also provides useful data for a better performing branch, smart collaboration experience, and a bright future.

QuickFMS Branch Management Software & It’s Benefits

QuickFMS Branch Performance module will make your Daily Tracking easier, No visits required. It provides the required information you need to keep tabs on remote locations without needing to travel thereby savings to your organization. Now you can easily manage branches better with daily audits using multiple parameters/checklists and categories to know health, process tracking, the outcome of tasks, infra maintenance, etc. As the Country or Admin head having dispersed offices across the country or world you can now sit in the Corporate office and get live updates every morning to know the status of each branch and track each activity remotely on a timely basis.

QuickFMS allows your Admin/Facilities team to create multiple checklists that help to immediately figure out whether an Office or a branch is having any problem thereby speeding up the resolution process. Typical examples would be monitoring the cleanliness of the branch by creating a Hygiene checklist with defined parameters, cleaning of washrooms, managing pantry and kitchen, AC and Generator Maintenance, and so on. Create a customized checklist depending on the priority of the organization, define the periodicity of each task (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly) and get an updated report status on the task completion. The overall score of a branch defines whether any improvement steps need to be taken up.

QuickFMS branch monitoring software is available on the cloud and an App., easy to use, can be operated even by your Front office staff in your branch offices or customer locations, and you get the required performance reports in your head office instantly.

This not only helps in improving your customer service, enhance the branch efficiency, and improves the productivity of your employees. As the shift from physical to virtual infrastructure continues, you need to be proactive and take charge of remote offices and eliminate any untoward risks before they appear.

Maintenance Management

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Why Choose QuickFMS Branch Performance Tracking Module?

QuickFMS is ‘all-in-one’ cloud-based facilities management software with a branch performance module that has several advanced and top-notch features. It allows facility managers of small, mid-sized, and large Organizations to simplify the maintenance and management of their facilities and branches.

Our branch performance management software and mobile app help organizations to make smarter decisions to improve the efficiency of the branch’s working on the go. The software is a cost-effective solution for companies to maintain their branches located at multiple locations so that they can present a pleasing experience to all the stakeholders of the Company. Contact us or schedule a free demo of the software now!


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