Help Desk Management Software

Manage Requests and Complaints Effectively


Help Desk Management and Ticketing Software

Complete Service Requests and Handle Complaints with Ease

The help desk software module from QuickFMS assists in the raising and resolution of service requests and complaints about any issue related to HR, IT, maintenance, and concierge departments. It offers a ticketing tool that can be extended to any employee within an organization.

Benefits of Help Desk Management Software

When dealing with complaints, you need to know that your process is as structured and as well-organized as possible in order to achieve the quickest, smoothest, and most satisfactory resolution. Help desk software makes it easy to:

  • Create transparency within your complaint management system
  • Categorize complaints by department, service type, or project
  • Raise and follow problems via trackable tickets
  • Monitor the different touchpoints where complaints occur
  • Rate user satisfaction following resolution of a task or complaint
  • Create historical reports and trends of complaints and their locations

Features of Our Help Desk Management Software

Our help desk management tool integrates fully with many in-house ERP software systems and existing tools such as HR portals and aids multi-national corporations or small businesses to:

  • Raise trackable tickets for pending jobs and problems
  • Assign personnel to various tasks
  • View the number of pending and closed requests in a given period of time
  • Receive direct mail statistics of pending and closed tasks
  • Enhance employee satisfaction levels
  • Streamline internal support services
  • Track vendor committed SLAs and response times
  • Generate TAT reports using several parameters connected to the task
Help Desk Management Software

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Why You Should Choose Our Help Desk Management Software

With its focus on supporting high levels of service and handling internal issues, help desk software caters for businesses of all sizes, such as corporate office facilities, IT and ITES companies, concierge services, customer support centers, and banks and financial institutions.

Get the Best Help Desk Management Software

To learn more about how QuickFMS can help your organization manage its internal requests and complaint resolutions more efficiently, contact us to request a free demo presentation.