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Hot Desk Booking Software

Optimize your office space and increase the efficiency of your employees

In the current scenario, companies that grow rapidly soon run out of office space. The growing real estate price is further driving the need for better office space management. Yet, facility managers find empty work stations on most days, which can be due to business travel, vacations, sickness, and remote or flexible working.

Hot desking is an innovative organizational workplace system that capitalizes on these trends and ever-changing workplace dynamics, where the traditional office layouts are becoming less common. Hot desking software involves multiple employees using the same physical work station during different periods. They do not have an assigned seating arrangement and are allowed to choose where they sit – ideally, in a different place each day.

Hot desking fosters collaboration and creativity and utilizes your existing office space more efficiently. It not only significantly reduces the cost of space but also promotes greater collaboration between company teams and departments.

Benefits of Hot Desking Software

  • Time-Saving – Your employees can book their place before arriving at the office. And hence no wastage of time searching for a place to work.
  • Enhanced Collaboration – Your team can easily choose the best place/workstation to work together.
  • Flexibility – Automatic identification of unused desk space in the facility.
  • Seamless Integration – Hot desk sharing software can seamlessly integrate with other business automation and software solutions.
  • Ease of Use – It can be easily accessed through mobile devices, and it easily supports different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Lower Operating Costs – With automated tracking and optimization tools, it lowers the operational costs for your office facility.
  • Better Decision Making – Facility managers can make informed space decisions through in-depth operational data and insights.


The Successful Implementation Plan for Desk Sharing Software

The benefits of using hot desking software run deeper than seamless desk booking, convenience, and flexibility. For any hot desk booking arrangement to be successful, facility managers need to ensure a diligent and well-structured implementation plan. Starting from framing the hot desk management strategy to implementation, and insight tracking, every aspect needs to be well taken care of.

Since facility managers would have to deal with a lot of general and analytical data with details of every workstation, employees, their working hours, individual requirements, and more, they would require advanced hot desking software – something better than a ledger with manual data entries. That’s where desk booking software comes in. It allows facility managers to keep all hot desk management data digitally secured.

Hot Desking Software

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Why Do Facility Managers Need Hot Desking Software?

Hot desk sharing software empowers your office employees with simplified desk reservations, conference room reservations, space availability tracking, make new, modify or cancel hot desk as well as other types of resources by category or locations.

One can quickly have a glance at available workstations or hot desks and schedule the right hot desk quickly and efficiently. Facility managers can also generate accurate reports that detail usage patterns of different resources like:

  • Power outlets and phone booths
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Printing facilities
  • Storage spaces
  • Lounges, cafeteria, and other common areas
  • Technology and hardware equipment like a projector and cables
  • Private space when needed

Manage Your Workspace with QuickFMS Hot Desking Module App

QuickFMS Hot Desking module mobile app is now available for Android and iOS devices. Here are the features of the Hot Desking mobile application:

For Employees:

  • Work from home or office and book a seat in advance as required.
  • Use a Web Interface or Download a Seat Booking App. from Playstore/Apple store.
  • Easy 3 steps process to search and reserve vacant seats.
  • Search your colleagues on the floor plan and book a nearby seat.

For Admin, HR, Operations & Facilities Team

  • Perfect floor layouts for seat booking and shift planning.
  • Set social distancing from the floor plan in minutes.
  • Shift management results in better utilization of space.
  • Manage employees, projects, teams, and improve collaboration.
  • Meaningful and real insights on occupancy data help save time and real estate costs.

QuickFMS Hot Desking Module Mobile App

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Why Choose QuickFMS Hot Desk Booking Software?

QuickFMS is a leading provider of cloud-based facilities management software, providing a range of different product modules to manage all aspects of your organization.

Whether you have multiple hot desks, open workstations, or agile workspaces with many part-time employees, remote employees, or employees that spend a lot of time out in the field, our customized hot desk management software will help you organize and manage your workspaces more efficiently.

Our cloud-based hot desk booking software is highly secured, fast, easy to use, and enables your staff to work more efficiently in a shared workspace. Ready to increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees? Try our hot desk sharing software free demo and see how it can help optimize your office space.



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