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Physical Asset Management Software

Allocate, Track and Maintain Your Tangible Assets

The QuickFMS Physical Asset Management module offers a complete inventory solution for tracking fixed physical and consumable assets within your corporate locations. Goods are followed throughout their life cycle, with allocated items such as cars, laptops and mobile phones mapped at the employee level.

Benefits of Physical Asset Management Software

Facility asset management software helps you:

  • Maximize utilization of assets
  • Reduce asset operating and maintenance cost
  • Minimize emergency repairs to improve reliability
  • Optimize asset allocation for greater ROI
  • Make informed decisions

Features of Our Physical Asset Management Software

With our Physical Asset Management module, you can better regulate asset availability and distribution with features that allow you to:

  • Track asset consumption by department, project or facility
  • Allocate assets to employees or locations for better identification and traceability
  • Trace inter/intra movement of assets with gate passes
  • View the availability of assets and manage stock room/supply inventories for all locations
  • Follow the life cycle of an asset, from requisition and installation to disposal
  • Manage the insurance and warranty details of physical assets
  • Generate unique asset IDs with optional integration of barcodes/RFID
  • Group assets under category, sub-category, brand and model
  • Approve/deny new and existing physical asset request forms
  • Monitor asset depreciation
  • Create processes for installing any asset in a space
  • View new to old asset ratios
  • Receive alerts for minimum quantity checks and reorders
  • Standardize the space-asset requirements for expanding your business
  • Generate MIS reports and utility data

Asset Management

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Get Powerful Asset Management Software for Your Business

Our Physical Asset Tracking and Management module helps you track your assets throughout their life cycle from procurement to disposal. With high flexibility and unlimited configurations, our asset tracking software can be used for any number of assets, any sized company, and any industry. You can easily customize it according to your business requirements.

Want to successfully assign assets and monitor their usage and availability? Contact us now to request a free demonstration presentation and learn more about how our Physical Asset Management Software can help your facility operate its fixed assets more efficiently.

Asset Management

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