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Best Reservation Management Software

Schedule Your Spaces for a Profitable Timetable

The Reservation and Resource Manager module from QuickFMS allows users to manage the internal and external usage and hiring of your facility’s shared spaces. Handle reservations and bookings from third parties, or schedule internal faculty meetings and functions for departments and personnel.

Manage Conference Room with Reservation Management Software

The Reservation and Resource Management element of QuickFMS will help you to effectively timetable the use of your spaces with its ability to:

  • Schedule and book time slots for meeting rooms, conference and lecture halls, and other facilities online
  • Invite participants
  • Check and ensure availability of conference rooms
  • Select required room size in map interface
  • Modify and cancel bookings
  • View digital visual layouts of the institution campus or facility
  • Send meeting requests to students, teachers or personnel
  • Store student and instructor contact data
  • Manage available classes by block or department
  • Use charge back feature for hourly and day bookings
  • Track and maintain fixed and consumable assets online for facility reservations
  • Manage assets and resources needed for the meeting
  • Procure amenities and consumables

Organizations that benefit from this product range include schools, colleges and universities, training facilities, guest houses, employee accommodation, concierge services, corporate institutions, and convention centers.

To experience advanced organizational management of your facility and campus spaces with minimal setup and training times, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.