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Office Space Management Software

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What is Office Space Management?

Office space management involves the management of a company’s available space. Every organization manages its existing space one way or the other- while some might use automated space management software, others might resort to Excel sheets and other manual techniques. The ultimate aim of any space utilization technique is to optimize the available space while cutting down on the related repair and maintenance.

Why is Space Management Software Needed to Optimize Office Space?

Space management software offers you the transparency to effectively manage your organization. It helps you gain a clear insight into your assets, track space utilization, and manage rented spaces. The space optimization tools included in this software helps facility managers to make the most of their existing office space. It allows them to track the usage of the available space on a real-time basis and optimize the same for maximum returns.

A space management system enables you to:

  • Get an accurate picture of your daily spacing needs, that is, how much space is required to accommodate all of your employees
  • Understand the change in demand for space over time (such as during flexible working hours)
  • Calculate the exact number of permanent seats that can be converted to ‘hot desks’ to save space
  • Know the area required to hold meetings and conferences by observing the actual area used during such events on a real-time basis
  • Consolidate departments into smaller spaces to prevent underutilization of existing space
  • Rent out free space for additional income

Key Features of the Best Space Management Software

  • Secure and cloud-based system that can be accessed from any place, at any time
  • Track available space and allocate it by project, department, or vertical
  • Integrate space optimization solution with the existing system for maximum results
  • Schedule available space in shifts
  • Achieve better seating distribution and eliminate duplicate allocation
  • Manage shared vs. dedicated spaces
  • Track live space utilization (including requisition, blocking, scheduling, and allocation) using access card data
  • Use predefined ratios for effective management of shared and dedicated spaces
  • Create intuitive dashboards to visualize and analyze the current usage of space
  • Improve workflow processes with real-time online access and print provisions at critical stages for creating records
  • Keep a record of all drawing files of your premises in CAD format
  • Generate occupancy reports by floor, location, or city
  • Get detailed MIS reports & occupancy reports by floors, location, or city
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Benefits of Coworking Space Management Software

The primary objective of the space management software is to provide insights into your existing office space. It enables you to make appropriate changes based on real-time tracking and evaluation of your current space.

Some of the major benefits of using coworking space management software are:

  • Seamlessly integrate with any ERP, CRM, or HR system currently in place
  • Monitor real-time utilization of existing spaces and identify space usage trends for better allocation
  • Improve communication and employee satisfaction with greater transparency in workflow processes
  • Plan moves, ensure timely reservations and easy navigation of workspaces from anywhere and at any time

Space & Workplace Management Software with Advanced Shift Management Capabilities

Our advanced Shift Management Module enables you to schedule your shifts and plan and manage them optimally. Our Shift Master Tool allows you to create multiple shifts and allocate spaces across these shifts.

Our Shift Management Module helps you to:

  • Assign the same seat to different employees in different shift
  • Assign employees to vacant spaces
  • Allocate spaces across multiple shifts with the help of real-time space allocation maps
  • Create shift-wise allocation reports

Office Space Management Post COVID-19

While the pandemic-induced social distancing rules have greatly affected the workspace arrangements, QuickFMS have come up with the upgraded version of the space management module, i.e., Hot Desking Software. The tool can help you manage your office space optimally in line with the COVID-19 safety guidelines. For instance, with the help of real-time space allocation reports, you can easily limit the number of employees present in any specific department or location at any given time.

As an upgraded version of our space utilization tool, the hot desk booking software offers the following features for better office space management both during and post-pandemic:

  • Book your seats before you arrive
  • Enjoy greater flexibility with automatic identification of unused desk space
  • Analyze floor layouts for seat booking /shift planning and maintain social distancing
  • Track and book available seats through your Android or iOS mobile device
  • Use automated tracking and optimization tools to lower your operating costs

Why Choose QuickFMS for Your Office Space Utilization?

At QuickFMS, we offer customized, cloud-based solutions to manage different aspects of your organization. Our space management software allows you to effectively allocate office space, track space utilization, and improve workflow processes for maximum efficiency and performance. We empower facility managers by providing sensible solutions that allow optimum workspace utilization, enhanced employee productivity, and reduced operating costs, all in one place.

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“The experience was positive and there was not much problem using the software. It’s relatively simple to use which allows users to learn quickly, technical support is not required and it’s convenient.”
– Tamoya B. on Capterra