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The Best Space Management Software for Banking

Increase Efficiency While Reducing Costs

To improve space utilization, banks need to have deeper visibility into how their physical space is being used. Space management software for banks is a great tool that helps banks not only identify the unused spaces but also provides useful data to forecast a better space utilization plan.

Benefits of Space Management Software for Banks

Space management software allows banks to discover new ways to downsize or better utilize the space they have at different branches, stand-alone ATMs, and other offices in a cost-effective and productive way.

Make the Most Out of Existing Space

With space management software, banks can identify vacant space and repurpose it more efficiently. For example, you may find that you don’t actually need to lease a new building for your bank’s branch; you can just make better use of the existing space.

space management software for Banks

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Produce Accurate Data

Space management software helps banks turn their challenges into a positive result. It facilitates you with centralized data in one place. The generated space utilization data is real-time, up to date, and accurate.

Cut on Occupancy Cost

With collected data from various resources, banks can now have better visibility into how their spaces are used and thus will be able to make the right decisions to cut huge on the entire occupancy cost.

Quickly Locate Employees, Branches, or ATMs

You may be a global, national, or regional banking institution with hundreds to thousands of branches, ATMs, and other assets located at various places. It might be difficult to locate an employee or asset manually, but with space management software, you get a centralized view of human resources and assets available at different branches.

Optimize Space to Increase Productivity

Space management software helps banks optimize space in such a way that it minimizes energy uses and also enhances the workplace environment to increase the productivity of the employees.

Features of Our Space Management Software for Banks

Banks can now make every space count with our smart space management software.

  • Banks can allocate space according to department, business, or vertical.
  • Our software can integrate with other design software like AutoCAD and BIM systems. Using this feature, users can visualize floor layout drawing that details who sits where to achieve better seating allocation and avoid duplicate allocation of seats.
  • Banks can track live space utilization using an access data card.
  • Our software can seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems such as accounts, HR, ERP, or CRM.
  • The software provides bank facility managers with real-time data of floor-by-floor analysis of space utilization, and total occupancy to achieve optimum savings.

QuickFMS Branch Performance Module Mobile App

Our cloud-based branch performance module mobile app can help your bank’s branch in the following ways:

  • Our mobile app can integrate with the help desk module to show up open, closed, and in-progress requests.
  • It has the user-friendly interface that can capture the admin defined configurable branch performance checklist items and show you the branch performance KPI reports.
  • It lets you create a personalized checklist for the maintenance of AC and other electrical appliances in your branch.
  • Our mobile app features an overall branch compliance adherence status flag to highlight a problem or performance.
  • It has an interface to capture electrical units’ consumption details of each branch.
  • Our app provides an option to capture fire safety equipment details within a bank’s branch and to set the expiry reminders for fire extinguishers.
  • It has an interface to collect the branch’s internet uses details with respect to data and voice that help banks in forecasting future data needs of the branch.
  • Our app also features an interface to capture the physical condition of the branch premise, including furniture and fixtures checklist items.
  • Banks can generate and view real-time branch premise reports for all branch performance parameters.

How Our Space Management Software Helps to Improve the Branch Performance

We understand the complexities of the functionalities of banks and the challenges they face every day. Banking institutions have to maintain hundreds to thousands of locations while delivering a consistent brand experience to their customers.

Our space management software is a cost-effective solution for banks to maintain their branches located at multiple locations so that they can present a pleasing experience for customers as well as the workforce.

With the help of our branch performance module software, banks can make smarter decisions to improve the efficiency of the branch’s space. If your space management module shows that the waiting area is always full, then you can clear off some more space to allow your customers a comfortable and less crowded waiting area.

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