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The Best WFM Software for Call Centers/BPOs

Enhance Productivity and Increase Cost Efficiency

Call centers have many departments and recruit a large number of employees. Therefore, it becomes essential to prepare the workflow and put the right people in the right places. Call center workforce management software can help BPOs or call centers function efficiently by simplifying various tasks such as deploying multichannel services and responding to the customer queries quickly.

Our call center workforce management software features tools that automate staff-related processes such as managing staff schedules, tackling time and attendance, managing leave, and measuring the productivity of the employees.

Benefits of Workforce Management Software for Call Centers/BPOs

Workforce management software helps in the following ways:

Manage Staffing Needs

To ensure better customer experience, a call center must be able to respond to the massive volume of calls they receive every day. This is only possible when you have an adequate number of employees at your BPO.

In this scenario, you are left with the option to hire more employees, and your cost will rise. The best solution is to use workforce management software to predict the staffing needs and schedule the agents when a greater number of customers are likely to call.

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Make an Effective Workforce Plan

There are several aspects of human resource planning, such as predicting the number of employees, budgeting, and workforce scheduling. All of these could affect the call center productivity, so you need to make an effective workforce plan.

Performance Evaluation

Workforce management software can help call centers in determining the performance of an individual employee. A manual evaluation might have human errors; however, using this software, you can evaluate the performance with supporting data.

Reduce Expenses

Implementing workforce management software can eliminate the errors of pay calculations, and at the same time, ensures implementation of complicated pay rules of a BPO. Additionally, workforce management software presents an overview of the utilization of all the employees and also help to schedule the workforce according to the conditions and demand efficiently.

According to a study, an optimized workforce can reduce the cost of operation up to 33% than the unplanned utilization.

Gain Efficiency with Real-Time Analysis

A call center can reduce or eliminate the unused time that is wasted in monitoring queues and allocation of resources. Our workforce management software lets you monitor KPIs and thereby decrease the average handle time to increase adherence to schedule the occupancy.

Provides Valuable Data for Operations

Workforce management software provides you aggregated data of call metrics, service level, and adherence, etc., that help in the efficient management of operations of a call center.

Features of Our Call Center Workforce Management Software

In a call center, volumes of call might fluctuate over time, so you need to have employees to answer the calls. Workforce management software can be helpful in such situations. Our WMS features include:

Plan and Forecast Using Call Volume Data

The demand for agents rises with the increase in the call volume and vice-versa. Our workforce management software uses your call center data to forecast call volume and also helps you in planning shifts accordingly. You can view and recognize the trends of higher call volumes, on certain hours, or a day and then plan the shift according to the forecasted needs.

Real-Time Dashboard

To optimize your workforce efficiently, you need to have a real-time dashboard feature in the workforce management software. You can view how many employees are logged in, how many are busy with calls, and how many are on break. This will also help a call center manager confirm if any employee is absent or late for work.

Mobility of Workforce

Our software is quite a helpful tool for call center managers that provides access to the workforce management platform from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobility to use the software while traveling or when desktop computers are not accessible is advantageous.

Office seat management software module included in our workplace management system helps you optimize your workplace in the best possible manner.

How Our Space Management Software for Call Centers/BPOs Will Help You

Our workforce management software can be very helpful in forecasting the labor requirement, budgeting, tracking time, and administering the entire workforce of a call center. Apart from these, it can provide useful analytics data to make an office seating chart, so you don’t need additional office seat plan software for your call center.

Using workforce management software can optimize operations of a call center, which would ultimately result in the benefits of reduced cost, productive workforce as well as quality customer experience.

Why Call Centers Should Choose Our Space Management Software

Our space management software for Call Centers/BPOs is an efficient tool with features that make the entire workforce management task easy to handle. Call center managers can forecast staffing needs, plan a better schedule, and have access to real-time data that can be used in various ways to improve productivity while reducing cost.

Schedule a demo to learn more about how QuickFMS space management software can help your call center optimize the resources and improve customer experience.



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