Space Management Software


Space and Workplace Management Software

Making Your Physical Spaces Work Harder

Managing 60% of organizational space more effectively adds 20% to your bottom line every year.

With tight budgets, limited fund allocation for expansion, lack of traceability of funds and limited resource availability affecting your ability to plan and utilize your space correctly, it can be difficult to ensure that all working and trading areas are being optimized correctly. The answer is the space utilization and workplace management module, providing you with tools you need to utilize the space available to you.

Space Management

Benefits of Space and Workplace Management Software

The space management tool integrates seamlessly with any ERP, HR or CRM system currently in place. It allows you to:
  • Plan, allocate and release space to individual employees, departments or projects
  • Track how your spaces are used
  • Automate the entire workflow of your space utilization process in real-time

Features of Our Space and Workplace Management Software

Make the most of your space with our space and workplace management software:
  • Track space utilization from requisition to blocking and scheduling to the allocation
  • Allocate space by project, department or vertical
  • Leverage investments in existing enterprise systems by seamlessly integrating the entire space optimization solution
  • Improve workflow processes with real-time online access and print provisions at critical stages for records
  • Inventory of all drawing files of your premises in CAD format
  • Track live space utilization using access card data
  • Floor layout drawings with details of who sits where
  • Achieve better seating distribution and eliminate duplicate allocation
  • Schedule space in shifts
  • View pre-defined ratios for space utilization
  • Occupancy reports by floor, location or city for improved ratios
  • Manage shared vs. dedicated spaces
  • Detailed MIS reports
Space Management
Optimizing your floor plans and allocation of space can boost productivity and bottom line results for premises such as corporate offices, banks and financial institutes, IT facilities and educational campuses. Ready to make every space count by analyzing your workplace real time? Try our space and workplace management software demo and take the right business decisions.